Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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Florida House to vote on Stoneman Douglas school safety bill

Florida House to vote on Stoneman Douglas school safety bill

"They were supposed to be in the bleachers right next to us and sort of having that gap of a school that's not there because it happened days after the shooting", Lewis said.

"It's expected they can't take a stand on it", said Keaghan Duffy, a junior ar Stevens High School.

Others said they were looking forward to speaking with her.

"Students will have two choices; they can attend the gathering, or stay in their advisory class", district spokeswoman Heather Crocker wrote in the statement.

Meantime, at Erie's third Catholic high school, Mercyhurst Prep's President tells us they have nothing official planned for the day.

For this reason I condemn any school official who allows these protests to take place without outcome to its students.

Bouck said students will be instructed to go to a specific area, where they will be supervised for the duration of the event. "If a walkout should occur at any of our schools, we will deploy staff as necessary to ensure student safety", his notification to parents said.

Frequently since the shooting in Parkland, it's been students rather than some of the adults in the room who have been the ones bringing forth ideas and potential reform to correct an issue that has been out of hand for some time. "But more needs to be done and it's important for the country to unite in the same way the 17 families united in support of this bill", he said.

Parsons Green accused Ahmed Hassan 'used school prize to buy bomb materials'
Hassan had successfully claimed asylum after arriving in Britain in 2015 by traveling through the Channel Tunnel on a truck. He set a timer and left the bomb before getting off one station before Parsons Green, the court heard.

The Muscogee County School District has developed sit-ins as an alternate activity for The National School Walkout Day.

Educators and administrators are following a fine line between allowing the students' free speech and encouraging their planned walkout.

"I cannot support or endorse allowing our students, your children, to participate in walking out of school which could place them into a potentially risky situation", Sharp wrote. More than 2,000 high schools are participating in the event.

First block will be extended on March 14th to accommodate travel time for students to and from the stadium.

In a letter dated March 4, Williams Bay High School Principal William White urged parents to discuss the issue with their children.

"We need students to feel safe, and not that their lives are in danger", she said.

School districts across Idaho face a question March 14: How do they respond to students who want to protest en masse - especially when that protest is about teens being killed in school shootings? They need to make sure no one unsafe can ever get their hands on a weapon like this again, and they need to take necessary action to protect the children in all our schools and beyond.

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