Published: Fri, March 09, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

391km/h, 3 seats: McLaren F1's successor is coming

391km/h, 3 seats: McLaren F1's successor is coming

McLaren's current line-up of supercars certainly isn't shabby, but aficionados of the automaker have a special spot in their heart for the McLaren F1.

McLaren has confirmed that the next model in its Ultimate Series will be the fastest street legal McLaren ever, faster even than the iconic, 391km/h F1 of the 1990s, as well as the most luxurious.

The company's CEO, Mike Flewitt, confirmed the accolade at the Geneva motor show on Friday and explicitly said the BP23 "hyper GT" will exceed the 243-mph mark.

Now codenamed BP23, the new model will sit alongside the Senna in the McLaren range, but unlike that auto it'll be powered by a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain. At least 243 miles per hour, indeed, thus exceeding the top speed of the McLaren F1.

Teaser for Mc Laren BP23 F1 successor launching in 2019
Teaser for Mc Laren BP23 F1 successor launching in 2019 Enlarge

Power will likely come from the familiar twin-turbo V8 paired with a stout electric hybrid drivetrain.

However, the BP23 won't be some stripped-out racer.

Fair warning: This story is truly only applicable to 106 of you, those fortunate souls who have already snatched up McLaren's as-yet-unrevealed $2.2-million BP23 "Hyper-GT". Unlike the McLaren Senna, the automaker's recently-unveiled road-going race vehicle which leaves carbon-fiber and metal exposed in the name of shedding weight, the new auto should be the most luxurious the company has ever made, it says. The company has not yet announced specific technical details, however.

A test mule for what will be the brand's "fastest ever model" has also been developed based on the 720S to evaluate different cabin ergonomic options and its unique three-seat layout. Production will begin in late 2019 and the BP23 name will likely change before production. Each will be priced at £1.6m ($2.2m) before tax.

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