Published: Fri, March 09, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Gabe Newell: 'Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again'

Gabe Newell: 'Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again'

We haven't heard anything about Valve's new VR games in over a year now, but it still sounds like they're coming. "Hurray! Valve is going to start shipping games again", Newell said, according to IGN. "That's sort of good news!" It's that element of success, especially in the wake of the Nintendo Switch, that more and more companies are looking to Nintendo once more for inspiration, and Valve is no exception.

Newell first talked about Valve's focus on Steam and hardware (specifically the Vive VR headset and Steam machines), saying that was an "investment in the future".

This is the first time we are hearing about the game's lifetime Steam revenue in comparison to other games on the platform. He continued: "We aren't going to be talking about it today, but sort of the big thing, the new arrow we have in our quiver, really, is our ability to develop hardware and software simultaneously".

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Those investments, Newell said, meant they hadn't released a new game since Dota 2-but that work wasn't wasted time. Not necessarily because the franchise was the best franchise to have ever existed, but because on some level we know we're never going to get it, so we want it even more.

No, there was no news on Half-Life 3, but if Valve comes back to software development and publishing, there's still a sliver of hope left. He can introduce new capabilities like motion input because he controls both of those things. That is something which most of us were already expecting.

Valve isn't done with hardware though, but now it'll go "hand-in-hand with software design", meaning you should really keep an eye on what Valve is up to in the coming months. Previously, Newell has mentioned that Valve has plans for 3 VR titles as well as a single player title. "That's something we've been jealous of, and that's something you'll see us taking advantage of subsequently". Also, the Kerbal Space Program development team is under the Valve umbrella now, and we have yet to see the project it is working on.

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