Published: Fri, March 09, 2018
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PS4 Users Can Download Free International Women's Day Theme

PS4 Users Can Download Free International Women's Day Theme

The latest PS4 update brings "Supersampling" for PS4 Pro users. The update brings plenty of new features and improvements but the most requested, PSN name change, is still missing from the patch notes. One of them is the "This PS4" page.

The PS4 Pro is a beast, but if you don't have a 4K TV, it can be hard to justify its $399 price tag. It enables super sampling, which lets the system render internally at higher resolutions, and then scale them to a smaller screen.

"This PS4" and Name/Avatar tab Two new tabs are being added to Library to make it easier for you to see which apps you've installed and purchased. This feature also makes it easy to search and find games you've already purchased but have not yet installed. In some games, you can also reduce the frame rate per second. If your PS Plus membership is expired, a PS Plus icon with a lock will appear next to your game so you know which games you can play if you re-subscribe. The background features original artwork from Media Molecule artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet, who is now at work on Dreams.

PS4 Pro should also be able to see the new supersampling mode under Settings. This means that, rather than scroll through your list of apps, you can instead jump between the PlayStation Store and the Library with a single button press. If you want to control the music from the background, like pausing and playing, you will be able to do that as well. You can keep track of all your free PS Plus games. However, just like playing locally, the game itself may not actually support background music.

The dreaded notification centre has been updated again, and you're now able to delete old notifications in bulk.

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Further, Joe Belfiore stated that there was confusion about this version of the OS from Microsoft's partners and consumers. Microsoft's Windows 10 S FAQ has explained that switching from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro is a one-way switch.

Are you excited for the new update or are these features you are not interested in?

In addition, the update lets users import images via USB in order to create custom wallpapers. You'll then have an option to select the flash drive you have plugged into the PS4, and after choosing the photo you'd like, you can crop and move it around to get the flawless look.

Then with the USB stick connected to your PS4, select Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device. Represent your team by customizing your team page with something unique and original!

If you're fearless, then you can do a system update online through your console, or grab the 5.50 update from Sony and pop it on a USB drive and update using that.

Never miss out on an opportunity to augment your experience with PlayStation VR.

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