Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
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Meghan McCain: With Sarah Sanders It's 'Never Complain, Never Explain'

Meghan McCain: With Sarah Sanders It's 'Never Complain, Never Explain'

On Wednesday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was fielding questions on steel and aluminium tariffs and on an abnormal exodus of White House staffers.

"The invitation has been extended and accepted, and that stands".

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and members of the House's Democratic Women's Working Group sent a lengthy letter to Trump's attorneys on Friday about the Clifford case, an alleged extramarital affair with former 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal, and "potentially others". "Everybody is laughing about him giving her $130,00, if it came from him, but he will get a ten-fold return on that money if in fact she speaks and violates this agreement". The trip will mark his first visit to California since entering the White House.

Watch the Press Secretary's fiery exchange above.

Michael Avenatti, Clifford's lawyer, posted a complete copy of the lawsuit to Twitter on Tuesday evening.

She may need the cash for legal bills.

"Has anyone offered, has anyone, including Larry Flint, but I want to ask this in universal sense, has anyone offered to pony up the million dollars to protect her and say "here, I'm good for it, go tell your story"?"

Trump's Justice Department Takes Actual Steps Toward Banning Bump Stocks
The regulation side-steps the Congressional legislative process by classifying bump stocks as a machine gun banned by federal law. On Saturday, the justice department submitted a proposed regulation that would prohibit the sale of the devices.

Sanders did not give details of the trip, confirming only that Trump "will be headed to California next week".

"It's sort of been a double-edged sword", she said.

"I've been in the adult business for 17 years, so to make it that long in that business you have to have a really tough skin, and so most of it rolls off my shoulders because it's an opinion", she said.

The White House and Cohen, who drafted the agreement, have repeatedly denied the alleged sexual encounter.

Avenatti told The New York Times earlier this week thathe does not consider the emergency arbitration decision valid.

"This should be decided publicly", he told the Times. On Wednesday afternoon, he tweeted a photo of himself, Clifford and Anderson Cooper standing in front of what looks like a camera set.

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