Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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Kim talks 'some weeks' away -Tillerson

Kim talks 'some weeks' away -Tillerson

U.S. President Donald Trump may have been trading barbs with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un over the a year ago, including calling him "Rocket Man", but now the two might be meeting.

When the South Korean officials visited, no hard feelings were displayed and Kim was the first to tackle sensitive topics, including the resumption of a military exercise between South Korea and the United States that was postponed for a peaceful Winter Olympics, the Blue House official said.

Under Clinton in October 2000, then-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright held talks in Pyongyang with then-North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un.

Trump's agreement on Thursday to meet North Korea's reclusive leader marked a stunning development in America's high-stakes nuclear standoff with North Korea - interpreted by some analysts as a diplomatic win for Kim.

A summit between Kim and South Korea's president in a Korean border village is planned at the end of April, and Trump's meeting with Kim would be anticipated sometime in May at a place still undetermined.

As President Trump hailed the prospects of an unprecedented meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, aides began figuring out Friday how to put it together without increasing nuclear tensions.

Chung and National Intelligence Service chief Suh Hoon flew to Washington earlier on Thursday to explain North Korea's stance on possible future talks with the U.S., and the prospect of Pyongyang suspending nuclear tests if the security of the North's government is assured.

The highest-level U.S. official to have ever met with a North Korean leader was Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

A meeting between the powerful leaders would be a major turnaround after North Korea carried out a battery of tests aimed at developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the United States mainland. "Well, that's not my goal right now", Rodman told reporters in June as he was embarking on his most recent trip to North Korea. And U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, travelling in Africa, just hours before said the U.S. was "a long ways" from direct talks. Hill raised two key questions: "Will North Korea agree to denuclearization", or if not, to "monitoring" of its nuclear facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency?

Clearly, the United States will be outnumbered by North Korea's ground military, but US-ally troops from South Korea, estimated at active 627,000 and reserved 5.2 million can come in handy.

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"Kim pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests", Chung said, apparently referring to a suspension during the duration of any talks.

But Trump, in just his second year in office and facing a similarly strong-willed leader eager to directly break a diplomatic deadlock, could be in a better position to cut a meaningful deal with North Korea than Clinton was at the end of his presidency.

Colorado senator Cory Gardner, chairman of the foreign Relations Committee's East Asia subcommittee, said the president must demand that Kim take "concrete steps toward total denuclearization". Kim has called Trump a "deranged US dotard", a "lunatic" and a "loser". They were like, 'We can't do it off the record - we're in the press room.' Then he announced that there would be a major announcement, without even telling his own staff. "President Trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet Kim Jong Un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization".

The Trump administration has led a worldwide push to tighten global sanctions on North Korea to choke off resources needed for its weapons programs.

He said that if Beijing believes that if the Trump-Kim summit takes place, it will be hosted by China. During those talks, a South Korean official told a media briefing that denuclearisation "could be among the agenda items for talks between North Korea and the US".

A South Korean presidential official said he was not aware of any physical letter.

In a statement, posted on Twitter, Sen.

Some observers questioned the U.S. president's wisdom in granting Kim a long-standing wish for a meeting after only agreeing to temporarily halt nuclear tests.

The Chinese spokesperson called on the countries to create the "political determination" soon for pursuing both bilateral and multilateral talks on the North Korean nuclear issue, adding that China will play its part to the utmost. I think that he's playing to the President's ego and the President's weaknesses by flattering him and by inviting had to Pyongyang.

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