Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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Ron Bultongez sings "Let it Go" on American Idol 2018 Auditions

Ron Bultongez sings

American Idol returns this weekend, with a new home (ABC) and new judges (Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan).

Maybe this new crew of judges doesn't have quite the cultural cache of "The Voice's", but maybe it has something even better - a comfortable, easy, congenial vibe that's in sync with the more comfortable, congenial vibe of ABC's version. "American Idol" debuts this Sunday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

According to the network, no North Carolina "Idol" hopefuls are featured in the first two episodes, but contestants may turn up in later episodes. Also intact is the goal of finding a music star - one such as Carrie Underwood, who built a blockbuster career after winning "Idol" in 2005 and whose voice-over opens the ABC show.

We just don't know, reader.

FremantleMedia, which produces American Idol, also supports Seacrest. "When you see people who are super famous on TV or social media you don't think about what they are like as human beings, I mean, but walking in there was freaky, surreal, amazing, emotional, but super weird at the same time", Sohmer said.

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Studio, we used to get fascinated seeing how many talented people are there in our family, bringing out some of the fine films". Karisma said being a star child was a hard task as one had a legacy to live up to and a pressure to exceed expectations.

While the show might not be a completely ideal format for new artists, Alaina is still thrilled to see it returning in 2018, after being off the air for two years.

One of the controversies surrounding the upcoming American Idol revival is the sexual harassment allegations against its longtime host Seacrest. "Maybe you're a Broadway star, maybe you're in voice-over, maybe you're gonna do jingles". "So I just went to a restaurant down the street for hot water and soup, and when I got back I nearly missed my turn".

Yet talent salaries in the final seasons had ballooned to $45 million (Jennifer Lopez was pulling down $20 million; Seacrest, Idol's sole constant, was making $15 million).

To borrow a song title, Luke, we're "Drunk on You". "I've had the opportunity to do some TV stuff through the years and turned it down, because I always focused on touring in my little kind of country-music world that I just kind of figured out". The show hasn't indulged in Simon Cowell-level viciousness in ages, and won't likely go back anytime soon, but there's plenty of room for the clinical vivisections perfected by Harry Connick Jr. or even the freakish rantings of Steven Tyler. They obviously need time to grow into their role.

More than once, they're cautious about who they send through to Hollywood, either doing so with warnings or sometimes saying no to someone who's good but just not good for this. One of the most memorable auditions is delivered by Catie Turner. "Here's the deal", she continues, "You're not a pop star". We go out. We look for young, talented people. "Nobody's gonna wanna make it out with me". Fans of the show are anxious to see how the new judges will compare to the various other celebrities who judged previous episodes.

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