Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

Taylor Swift Debuts 'Delicate' Music Video-and There's No Shortage of Dancing

Taylor Swift Debuts 'Delicate' Music Video-and There's No Shortage of Dancing

The view count is sure to grow later this week as Swift's music videos usually garner millions upon millions of hits. This is when she notices that a note someone slipped her on the red carpet had some magical qualities. Once she realizes this, she's free to make ridiculous faces in the bathroom mirror, throw down some insane dance moves, twirl about in the rainy streets, and even perform the splits on a parked auto.

The pop star dances her way through her hotel and rainy streets to finally arrive at a dive bar, to meet what appears to be her crush, but that is left up to interpretation.

It's cool to see Swift have a new image of herself and not really caring what the gossip magazines have to say about her personal life. The symbolism in the video is clear and it effortlessly showcases the storyline of the anxiety-ridden track. Golden Gopher bar, the Los Angeles Theatre and Millennium Biltmore Hotel among others.

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The video isn't what you may expect after hearing the song.

The video shows off the very best of Swift that endears her to her legions of fans - the ideal of a goofy and real person that always manages to fight its way up under her veneer of celebrity. We couldn't ask for anything better than that.

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