Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Pennsylvania Democrats aim to draw in union workers who voted for Trump

Pennsylvania Democrats aim to draw in union workers who voted for Trump

The special election is to replace Republican Rep. Tim Murphy, who resigned a year ago amid revelations of an extramarital affair in which the anti-abortion lawmaker urged his mistress to get an abortion when he thought she was pregnant.

While Trump was ostensibly in Pennsylvania for Saccone, the rally was as much about the president as it was an underperforming congressional candidate. Vice President Mike Pence, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Ivanka Trump campaigned in February. He repeatedly referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren with the slur "Pocahontas".

And whatever support they may have had from Trump fizzled nearly as soon as he gave it. Trump ignored their outstretched hand on universal background checks and started talking more about arming teachers.

Flake, who has hinted he might challenge Trump in 2020, said: "We had a record number of journalists being jailed overseas, some on false news charges, echoing the phrases that he uses". "People have paid into these programs over the course of a lifetime", Lamb told more than 300 retired coal miners and Democratic activists Sunday in Waynesburg, 40 miles south of Pittsburgh.

"And Conor Lamb - Lamb the Sham - he's trying to act like a Republican", Trump said.

Trump also said he spoke with Singaporean leaders about the country's "zero tolerance policy" toward drug dealers. Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, made a $130,000 payment to Daniels shortly before the 2016 presidential election, apparently to keep her quiet, though Cohen denies Trump was involved in negotiating that deal.

Although special elections typically do not say a lot about the political climate, Democrats are investing a lot of outside money into this special election that is getting a lot of national attention. "You ever see her?".

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While the western Pennsylvania district normally leans Republican, Democrats are confident they can win Tuesday's election, in part because of the controversy surrounding Trump's term in office. "It's not a national election". The Make America Great Again Rally looks to bolster support for Republican candidate and current state representative Rick Saccone. Big & happy crowd (why not, some of the best economic numbers ever).

His comments come days after the White House confirmed Trump will meet face-to-face with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "Time and place to be determined". "If the Democrats were to prevail in western Pennsylvania, that would be quite an quake", Rep. Charlie Dent said last week. The president tweeted Friday night that he is looking forward to speaking publicly in support of the GOP candidate.

"It's little hard to sell tickets when you think you're going to be nuked", he said.

Trump was particularly energetic in attacking the media, leveling a profane taunt toward NBC's Chuck Todd, whom the president has nicknamed "Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd".

Ciccarone said there is also concern that the laws could ensnare low-level drug dealers, many of whom do not know that their products contain lethal amounts of opioids and some of whom are battling addiction. Critics said other countries will retaliate with tariffs of their own on American products, increasing prices worldwide.

"We love Trump, " one man yelled.

While news of capital charges against a drug dealer would spread quickly and possibly be a deterrent, said Daniel Ciccarone, a professor of family and community medicine at the University of California at San Francisco, it could also drive drug users underground. They also are largely unmoved by his announcement of tariffs for foreign steel and aluminum.

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