Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Sen. Jeff Flake Threatens Bill to Nullify President Trump's Tariffs

Sen. Jeff Flake Threatens Bill to Nullify President Trump's Tariffs

Flake said the new tariffs, which function as taxes on imports, of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum would be detrimental to the USA economy and must be stopped.

Host Chuck Todd asked, "Do you think he needs to be challenged from somebody who espouses your views?"

However, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn said on Monday night that there was little chance the Republican-controlled Congress will pass a legislation to block Trump's tariffs.

"Yes, I do ― I do", Flake said.

Flake, who has taken to the Senate floor as recently as January to draw attention to the danger that Trump's comments could cause, said he believes it is the Republican Party's job to take a stand.

In fact, Flake has already announced he'd be appearing at next week's New Hampshire Institute of Politics event, "Politics & Eggs".

In Wisconsin, which went for Trump by the narrowest of margins, Republican Gov. Scott Walker has warned that tariffs could hurt the state's canning and beer industries. Sen.

Tillerson Fired as Secretary of State
CBS News' Kylie Atwood reported that Tillerson was leaving his Africa trip early to return to Washington to talk with Mr. Trump released a statement saying he was "proud" to nominate Pompeo to replace Tillerson.

The rally was sprinkled with mentions of Saccone and the election in general, but for the most part, according to The New York Times, was "in-his-element Trump, vintage 2016: Rambling and fiery, boastful and jocular - the part of being president that he loves perhaps the most".

Last year, he wrote a book rebuking his own Republican Party for embracing Trump-style nationalism and protectionism at the expense of traditional conservative values such as free trade.

On Meet the Press, Flake said "tariffs are awful" for the economy and "tariffs married to uncertainty is probably even worse", referring to Trump's suggestion that he may allow certain exemptions and the possibility that the president may impose other tariffs.

Sen Roy Blunt, a Missouri Republican, who also opposes the tariffs, said he wasn't ready yet to embrace a legislative response.

"There's really a growing level of optimism because we were returning certainty to the American and Wisconsin economy", Johnson said.

Despite widespread condemnation from House Republicans, none have introduced measures to counter Trump's action.

"Well, I can tell you when every question you get in the hallway going to vote is about this, it just becomes tiresome", Flake said. "I think the President knows that we're going to have to work that out".

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