Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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CCTV footage shows moment man was shot inside courtroom

CCTV footage shows moment man was shot inside courtroom

A federal judge released courtroom video Monday of the fatal shooting of a defendant who attacked a witness with a pen during a 2014 racketeering trial.

The video in question was evidence the officer who shot defendant Siale Angilau, a member of the Tongan Crips gang, was justified in his actions, the judge concluded.

The man jumped back to avoid being hit as Angilau fell feet-first over the front of the witness stand and the unidentified USA marshal fires his gun.

"The video completely contradicts the plaintiffs' argument that Angilau stopped posing a danger within less than one second of launching himself over the witness stand while making a stabbing motion with a pen in his hand", Dowdell wrote in a statement obtained by Deseret News.

A gang member was shot after he tried to stab a witness with a pen. "His attack was stopped by the shots that Jane Doe rapidly fired, in less than one and one-half seconds". Audio of the shooting was released previously.

Someone is heard yelling: "Whoa, whoa, whoa", but before any officers could react, Angilau sprinted toward the witness and leaped with his right arm cocked overhead with the pen in hand. A deputy USA marshal, who is only identified a Jane Doe in court documents, fires four shots at him, killing him, KSL in Salt Lake City reported.

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Authorities have identified the USA marshal only as Jane Doe.

The unidentified USA marshal was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Federal Bureau of Investigation shortly after the shooting and a review board found the use of force was within agency policy.

Faces of the judge, attorneys and jurors are blurred out to protect their identities.

The Angilau family attorney, Bob Skyes, said the video shows that the marshal "panicked" and should have used other methods to subdue him. "There was no necessity to use force", he told KSL.

The footage taken in 2014 was released after a lawsuit brought by Angilau's family was dismissed. Sykes acknowledged it was a tough case for the judge, but said he was disappointed in Dowdell's ruling.

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