Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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This Is Us Season 2 Finale Song

This Is Us Season 2 Finale Song

"The finale is a completely new start for Kate". Merely watching Rebecca walk down the aisle to renew her vows with Jack on their 40th anniversary unleashed the full body chills. But life is cruel and unfair sometimes. Notably, the day before Kate and Toby's wedding day, Toby's parents sit him down and voice their concerns over his decision to marry Kate, who his mom calls "unstable". Then, Kate sits at Toby's bedside as he has apparently been diagnosed with a serious illness. She's been having recurring dreams of her father leaving her family concerned.

Kevin thanks her and cracks a smile as the episode ends.

In fact, during Randall's speech at the wedding, we got three glimpses into the future, one for each of the Big 3. Randall and Kevin jump into action by collecting other items around the cabin that remind them of their father.

While Kate goes missing, Kevin and Randall go searching for her. Is Randall's introspective statement that "if you choose right, your people will stay the same" a deep foreshadowing of what awaits Deja's story? She even goes as far as to say that Deja looks exactly like Randall.

"The Wedding" also has Kate finally reconcile with Rebecca. "It sort of makes you wistful for what could have been", she explained.

One of the twists could be Jack Pearson's (played by Milo Ventimiglia) return.

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"I can't tell you who the 'her" is, but we'll be definitely following up on it in season three, ' Berger said. Miguel is sweet and reminds her that at least she's not him. I think it will be a good memory and nod to Jack. Kate freaks out when she worries that he should have been in them. The shirt was going to be her something old. Within the latter half of this season alone, This Is Us gave us a heartbreaking miscarriage; an almost devastating vehicle accident that resulted in a DUI; a fire that nearly killed Jack Pearson, then didn't, but sort of did because he died of a heart attack afterward, all on Super Bowl Sunday; an eviction; and a wedding day that should have been focused on celebrating Toby and Kate but instead was dominated by the heavy grief and guilt Kate has been carrying for two decades with regard to her father's death.

Zoe was introduced earlier in the finale as the wedding's photographer. She offers to talk to Deja, as she too was an angry child growing up. "We were in between scenes and I was talking to someone and how [I was] standing, I couldn't get out of 70-year-old Jack". Beth's parents raised her. The old ice cream shop has been sold and revamped, so the flavor is gone. The wedding goes off without a hitch, including toasts by both Kevin and Randall. On their way, they both realize they should have been there more for Kate over the years. Are you surprised that Kate is able to "let go" of Jack and make room for Toby? Maybe she committed a disgusting crime that they haven't been able to come to grips with.

"The Wedding" gives Kate and Toby the ceremony they deserve but things aren't looking up. In the flash forward, Toby was curled up in bed, unresponsive, as Kate came in and told him the doctor wanted to change his medication. Rebecca tells Kate that she doesn't want to get in the way on her special day. The dream is way it was supposed to be.

The tension between Kate and Rebecca has been a major component of This Is Us Season 2. She hangs up and takes Jack's urn to their favorite tree stump.

So, here are 5 things to know going into the episode. That's not really her choice to make, right?

The episode opens on a wedding - but not Kate's. After her miscarriage, Kate found comfort in her mother's arms and their relationship vastly improved.

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