Published: Sat, March 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Syrian monitor says strikes on Ghouta rebel town kill 30

Syrian monitor says strikes on Ghouta rebel town kill 30

Syria's official SANA released photos of government soldiers helping the exit of a new batch of besieged civilians from Eastern Ghouta.

Russian-backed Syrian regime forces have waged a blistering assault on Eastern Ghouta that has retaken 70 per cent of the enclave near Damascus since February 18.

Almost 20,000 people fled Eastern Ghouta in 24 hours after regime forces advanced into an isolated town in southern Ghouta, creating a corridor into government-controlled territory.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights could not say who carried out the strikes on the town of Zamalka.

State-run Al-Ihkbariya said civilians would be taken to a center for identification and relief.

The regime's overnight advance into Hammourieh opened up a corridor into regime-held areas for those looking to escape the town.

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It called the exodus "the largest displacement since the beginning of the assault on Ghouta".

"As of now, 4,127 people have left the area". "The UN has not observed the evacuations, but is visiting collective shelters where some of the evacuees are arriving", a UN spokesman said.

The UN is trying to determine the numbers fleeing Eastern Ghouta, but has been unable to observe the evacuations. They have accused the Ghouta factions of preventing people from leaving - which rebels deny.

The Syrian Red Crescent and the International Red Cross help those unable to walk. "This is just a little of what these families need", the ICRC in Syria said in a tweet.

The trucks had 5,220 ICRC food parcels and 5,220 World Food Programme flour bags, Jaquemet said.

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