Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Apple's working on curved iPhones with touchless gestures

Apple's working on curved iPhones with touchless gestures

FUTURE iPhones will reportedly have touchless controls and curved screens as Apple looks for more unique ways to make its handsets stand out from the crowd. For now, that means you can see the feature, but can't actually try it. While it won't be the primary way for users to interact with their devices, finger and hand gestures could add another layer of convenience to iPhone controls. On the contrary, Samsung's smartphone displays curve down at the edges.

Despite the fact that we only recently saw the launch of iOS 11.3 - just a few days ago, in fact - the iOS 11.4 beta 1 download is already available for eligible developers via an over-the-air update from Apple's Developer Center.

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The iPhone X brought a new era of design for Apple's smartphones. Meanwhile, future displays could curve inward gradually from top to bottom.

Although the OLED panel of the iPhone X curves at the bottom, that's mostly hidden from owners of the device - the goal is exclusively to make the bottom bezel as small as possible, by having the necessary screen drivers "under" it. Also in the works alongside the new displays is a new gesture control feature. One source told Bloomberg Technology that the unique technology would let users perform some tasks on their iPhone without really touching its display. Both are said to be in the early stages of research and development which suggests that they may not arrive for at least a couple of years. This feature won't be ready for this year's new iPhones.

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