Published: Tue, April 10, 2018
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Luxury hotel in space to soon become a reality

Luxury hotel in space to soon become a reality

"Upon launch, Aurora Station goes into service immediately, bringing travelers into space quicker and at a lower price point than ever seen before, while still providing an unforgettable experience", said chief executive officer and founder of Orion Span, Frank Bunger, in a press release.

Deposits to stay in this incredible hotel are being taken and the space hotel will welcome its first guest in 2022. A 12-day trip will cost $9.5 million per person, or almost $800,000 per day, with a refundable $80,000 deposit. The hotel will accommodate six guests including two crew members in two-member private suites. The hotel will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, meaning those aboard will see an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours. You can book a spot at the Aurora Station by depositing a refundable amount of $80,000.

Orion Span, the latest in a slew of tech companies with big space plans, has made the groundbreaking announcement that their Aurora Station-the world's first luxury space hotel-is now taking reservations.

The 12-day authentic astronaut experience starts at US$9.5m per person. The space hotel named Aurora Station will be launched in a low-earth orbit at an altitude of 322 km, while the International Space Station is at an altitude of 408 km.

Called Aurora Station, it will be certainly be an out-of-this-world destination and will most certainly feature a room with a view. Adding a cherry to the pie, the company said that its guests will be treated to a hero's welcome back home.

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Would you like to be among the first guests to experience this space hotel?

If you have ever wanted to experience what it feels like in zero gravity, there is some good news for you, provided you have a few million dollars set aside as travel budget. If Orion Span wants to be different, it will need to raise a lot of funding and find a launch provider in just four years, and the company has yet to reveal how it plans to do either.

Most people looking to vacation among the stars head to Hollywood, but a US -based startup has announced the development of the world's first luxury space hotel.

A statement on Orion Span's website said: "Believe you were meant for a less than ordinary life?"

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