Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
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California's Jerry Brown Agrees To Send National Guard To Border

California's Jerry Brown Agrees To Send National Guard To Border

Gov. Jerry Brown said in a statement Wednesday that the state will accept federal funding to "supplement the staffing of is ongoing program to combat transnational crime".

McGuire said the mission, formally called "Operation Guardian Shield", will extend through September 30, 2018.

Brown's letter came as thousands of National Guard members deployed to the Mexican border.

State government officials in California said Brown's proposed agreement on the troop deployment had been submitted to the federal government for approval. The president said he wants as many as 4,000 troops deployed, saying they will remain there until a border wall is complete. But not all of them will go to the border, and none will be "enforcing federal immigration laws". Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have thus far pledged a combined deployment of 1,588 Guard members, 700 of which have already arrived on the border.

Brown did not agree to allow the troops to be involved with immigration enforcement according to the Associated Press.

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But he attached a disclaimer and made it clear that his acceptance of money didn't indicate he agreed with the federal government's agenda on immigration and borders.

She had planned to get a firsthand look Thursday at the work being done to replace existing vehicle barriers with what is being billed as part of President Donald Trump's border wall. Where the additional personnel are located "will be dictated by the needs on the ground", Brown spokesman Evan Westrup said in an email.

Those are the groups of migrants, Brown told Mattis and Nielsen, that he does not want Guard troops in California taking into custody. "It will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life", Brown, a Democrat, wrote in a letter to the Trump administration. He said the program is "currently staffed by 250 personnel statewide, including 55 at the California border".

Until Wednesday, California was the only border state that hadn't responded to Trump's request.

The state's guardsmen provided "targeted assistance" in 2006 under then-President George W. Bush and in 2010 under President Obama. Brown noted in his letter that "immigrant apprehensions on the border last year were as low as they've been in almost 50 years". Brown added that "there is no massive wave of migrants pouring into California", saying that overall, immigration apprehensions on the border last year were as low as they've been in almost 50 years.

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