Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Grace Becker

Football Manager slides onto Nintendo Switch

Football Manager slides onto Nintendo Switch

It has been rumoured, but it still came as a bit of a surprise today as Sega announced and launched Football Manager Touch for Nintendo Switch.

Football Manager 2018 for PC was release in November 2017. This marks the first time the 3D engine has been playable on a home console. If you can't wait, the game's already out for the Wii U, so if you still have one sitting around you can play that without having to pony up again for the Switch version, but with the improvements made to the game, it's definitely worth grabbing.

Nintendo's motion controlled fighting game for the Switch, ARMS, has received Update 5.3 with a feature many were clamoring for, leaderboards.

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While not now available in the US Switch store, both the European and United Kingdom stores has Football Manager Touch 2018 listed at €29.99/£29.99.

The Football Manager Nintendo Switch release is effectively a port of the tablet version of the game, designed for iPads and various Android slabs. "Thanks to the support we've had from Hardlight throughout the development process we've been able to create a Football Manager experience that is just as immersive and enjoyable whether you're managing on the move during your commute or playing it on your TV".

Developing your footballing philosophy is easy with tactical analysis steering you towards your strengths by highlighting your weaknesses. The game is available to download now and can be played both on a television screen as well as using the Switch as a handheld on the go.

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