Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
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God of War Trailer Trailer Reveals Unlock Time

God of War Trailer Trailer Reveals Unlock Time

This God of War wants us to see Kratos as a person, rather than an instrument of extraordinary violence. Many reviews lavish praise on God of War's combat system, and DualShockers' Giuseppe Nelva spends some time talking about the great mechanics surrounding Kratos' new axe in his 10/10 review. Unlike previous God of War games, the reboot comes with an RPG system of equipment choices that can be a bit overwhelming at first, particularly because pieces of armour will tend to raise certain stats and lower others. Coupled with Kratos' ever-expanding list of moves is a button (square) devoted exclusively to the control of Atreus, which seamlessly weaves the young companion into the action. He seeks Kratos' approval and wonders why his father now suddenly shows an interest in teaching him hunting.

I'd also say that all three games seem to be impressively colourful, and a welcome relief from the grey and brown games of last gen.

Calm, idyllic life in a wooden cabin is upset by the death of Kratos' wife, but it's not until a stranger appears at the door that the gears start to shift. Who else is out there?

On their own, the various elements that make up God of War don't sound especially unique or interesting. But after six major titles in seven years, culminating in the relatively soft sales of 2012's "God of War: Ascension", one could be forgiven for thinking that Kratos's greatest dangers were overexposure and competition - the Bayonetta games challenged God of War's claim to the throne of the hack-and-slash genre. Thank you. I am forever a fan lucky enough to work with you. Only this time he's obviously a little more mature and slow to anger - well, as slow to anger as you'd expect from a god of war.

God of War's world is enormous - set aside at least 30 hours to explore it - but it is devoid of the busy work that plagues similarly ambitious games.

Longstanding protagonist Kratos is older, fully bearded and living in the woods with his son, all his youthful rage given way to gruff stoicism. Combat is all about spacial awareness and picking off the enemies that will do the most harm quickly left unchecked. This is not your father's God of War.

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When not fighting, you are exploring the reaches of Midgard on foot or by boat, finding temples and ruins that take inspiration from Norse mythology. Moreover, Kratos has the ability to jump only at specific points in the world.

Defeating enemies will earn you XP which you can used to upgrade and craft items.

All of this applies to your son, Atreus, too. What sets the game apart, however, is how much Atreus' empathy begins to influence his tough-as-nails father. Atreus isn't a companion that simply watches from the sidelines. Some enemies even require his participation. Atreus will help out on his own, but you can also make him fire an arrow at any time by pressing square.

A simple fight against a handful of Draughr would take over two hours. God of War is very much a fantasy of fatherhood, then, but it is one with likeable characters and a surprisingly tender heart.

One of the difficulty levels that will be included in the upcoming PS4 game is known as "Give Me q Story", and according to the game's engineering lead, Jeet Shroff, this will allow players to "experience the story without too much of a hard gameplay challenge". God of War is no longer an old-fashioned action series.

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