Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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Dubai Is Testing Digital Number Plates And They Sound INCREDIBLE

Dubai Is Testing Digital Number Plates And They Sound INCREDIBLE

Drivers in Dubai may soon be using digital number plates under new plans.

Dubai is set to launch digital number plates as part of a trial that will also see cars fitted with Global Positioning System and transmitters. According to the BBC, the plates would be able to inform emergency services if a driver gets into an accident.

Dubai's ongoing efforts to spearhead new transport initiatives will see the country adopt an entirely new license plate technology.

What are the advantages of the plates?

By next month, Dubai will be the first city in the world to run a pilot of smart plates on the road with the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) Tag2Connect (T2C) platform. The item would also enable drivers to communicate with others on the road about any accidents they witness on the road or traffic spots they encounter, to help create a more informed driver experience for Dubai residents.

It will also get easier to contact police and ambulance services if the vehicle is involved in a collision.

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Payment for fines, parking fees or renewing registration plates will be automatically deducted from users' accounts.

Its report added that the digital plate is that it will flash "stolen" if someone will try to carjack the vehicle or steal the digital plate.

Currently, ongoing tests are being conducted to sort out any potential technological glitches caused by Dubai's desert climate.

It's not clear how much the plates will cost, but according to Sultan Abdullah, they are now being tested.

What other projects has Dubai launched? Dubai officials also plan for self-driving cars to make up 25 percent of all trips in the city by 2030.

Dubai city authorities have announced their desire to use drone taxis in the city as the possible method to overcome heavy traffic congestion. The pods would be capable of transporting passengers to Abu Dhabi, UAE's capital, in 12 minutes, a distance that takes around 80 minutes to drive.

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