Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

Police release body cam video of YouTube shooter hours before attack

Police release body cam video of YouTube shooter hours before attack

She is then asked if she is supposed to be taking any meds, and again replies no.

Aghdam was apparently asleep in the backseat of her auto in a parking lot in Mountain View when an officer spotted her shortly after 1:30 a.m. Police called in her license plate number and discovered she had been reported missing by her family in San Diego. After waking her, Mountain View police notified Aghdam that she had been reported missing out of the San Diego area, and they learned from her that she had left her family as she and her family members were not getting along.

And later, her father explained to reporters that she felt she hadn't been properly compensated by YouTube for her videos on vegan activism.

She added that she had not told anyone where she went.

"Based on our officers' interaction with Aghdam, including the fact that she had answered all of our questions cooperatively and thoroughly, there was no legal reason for us to remain on scene questioning her". She was reportedly angry with the company because it had stopped paying her for her videos.

Those system checks regarding Aghdam came back negative.

The officers later ask - "You don't want to hurt yourself, do you?" The backup officer has 20 years' experience with Mountain View Police, while the other officer has less experience.

"At no point in either of our conversations did the family bring up any concerns about their daughter's behavior, any potential violence she may carry out, or any likelihood that she could be a danger to herself or others", Mountain View police said in the press release.

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"In this instance if an individual is cooperative and does not present any sort of threat, continuing to unnecessarily question or delay them can lead to an unwarranted detention", Mountain View police said in a lengthy statement regarding release of the footage release and an explanation of actions by the officers.

Then, police asked Aghdam if she was taking or should be taking any medications. An hour later, police say Ismail Aghdam called them back and said that Nasim was upset with YouTube.

The officers checked several databases, including a statewide database that would indicate if someone is a registered gun owner but prohibited to possess firearms, police said.

The officers eventually told Aghdam that her father will be informed that she was found in Mountain View.

Shortly after the recording ended, police called Aghdam's family in San Diego to inform them that she had been found.

The father reportedly thanked the officer for the call and hung up. They also relayed the daughter's wish that she did not want contact with her father. The police chief said there was no probable cause to search the vehicle.

San Bruno city officials provided this photo of Nasim Aghdam on April 3, 2018.

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