Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

Rare reveals what's on the horizon for Sea of Thieves

Rare reveals what's on the horizon for Sea of Thieves

During summer, two more content updates will be released. In addition, some new weekly events with new mechanics will be added.

Following the launch of Sea of Thieves on Xbox One and Windows 10 last month, developer Rare has been listening to player feedback and released a couple of updates to fix the most important issues with the game.

Beyond the flashy content updates, Rare will also kick off its weekly events program in May, giving players a chance to collect unique rewards on a weekly basis. Players will have a timed event with a goal where they will have to work with other crews to discover the new threat.

Sea of Thieves design director Mike Chapman and executive producer Joe Neate talked about the development roadmap for the game in a new video and how Rare plans new "ways to enrich the world" and deliver "things that surprise you". Today, Rare shared more details about its content plans for the pirate adventure, and players who complained about the lack of things to do in the game should soon have a good reason to give it another shot.

The first big update, coming this May, is called The Hungering Deep. The content updates will introduce "major new features" as well as fresh items, mechanics, and goals.

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Rare is also planning weekly events that offer new challenges and time-limited exclusive rewards, like hidden treasure, for exploring the world. Those that take part in the event will be able to earn some unique rewards as well.

"This summer we'll debut Cursed Sails, which will include a new ship type, and Forsaken Shores, which will introduce players to a new perilous part of the world to explore", reads the blog.

While these updates still seem somewhat sparse, it's great to see that Microsoft is working towards responding to most of Sea of Thieves early criticism.

Rare has said this before, but it also reiterated that it is offering this content for free because it does not want to separate its players into haves and havenots.

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