Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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Woman who drove SUV with off Family cliff was drunk

Woman who drove SUV with off Family cliff was drunk

Though the mysterious seaside vehicle crash, involving 15-year-old Devonte Hart, his five siblings and his adoptive parents remains under investigation, more details are emerging of the family's troubled history.

Frkovich said his daughter notified Hannah Hart's parents about their daughter and all the Hart children came over and said everything was ok. Two children who were in the wreck and Jen's wife, Sarah, also had in their systems an allergy drug that can lead to drowsiness, he said. The multiracial Hart family lived together in three states, and officials investigated child-abuse allegations in each, including one that prompted an official from Washington's Child Protective Services to visit their Woodland house right before they drove off for California. He said his parents were not feeding him and his siblings, which prompted the neighbors to call state authorities, according to records and interviews.

The 100-foot (31-meter) drop killed the women, both 39, and their children Markis Hart, 19; Jeremiah Hart, 14; and Abigail Hart, 14.

Carpenter said none of the car's occupants were wearing seatbelts.

Lead researcher Megan Bell said the children of convicted adults had a greater incidence of lower education levels, unemployment, substance abuse and unstable relationships, even when sociodemographic risk factors were taken into account.

"Because fo the time in the ocean, the facial features were not there to allow the [biological] family to identify", Allman said.

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Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed

CNN reports that it's unclear if any consequential actions were taken after Dekalb's father-in-law made the call to 911, but authorities do suspect the deadly auto crash may have been intentional. Officials found no skid marks to indicate sudden acceleration or braking, according to a search-warrant affidavit.

Cheryl Hart, who identified herself as a friend of Sarah Hart, called 911 in Clark County on Monday, March 26, anxious because she hadn't been able to reach Sarah since receiving a text message from her at 3 a.m. two days earlier. Three of the Hart children are still missing.

On March 23, DeKalb notified the department that she believed the children were being abused, according to media interviews and state records.

One of the mothers was convicted in 2011 for assaulting a daughter in Minnesota, while in OR in 2013 police investigated allegations that the two women were emotionally abusing and cruelly punishing their children, according to West Linn police records. Dana DeKalb said she could not immediately comment on Thursday.

The Mendocino County Coroner's office recovered the body on Friday about seven miles south of where the SUV was seen entering the rain-swollen river.

The biological aunt of three of the six children adopted by Jennifer and Sarah Hart tried, and failed, to gain custody of the kids in Texas before they were placed in foster care and later adopted by the Harts.

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