Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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Yulia Skripal declines help from Russian Federation

Yulia Skripal declines help from Russian Federation

Sedwill also said that Russian Federation has tested means of delivering chemical agents "including by application to door handles", pointing out that the highest concentration of the chemical found after the attack was on Skripal's front door handle.

The door handle and email claims were made in a letter from Sir Mark Sedwill, the UK's national security adviser, to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg.

In his letter, Sir Mark set out why the Government believes that only Russian Federation has the "technical means, operational experience and the motive" to carry out such an attack - including some declassified intelligence material.

In a statement, issued by Scotland Yard, Ms Skripal said: "I have specially trained officers available to me, who are helping to take care of me and to explain the investigative processes that are being undertaken".

Referring to the 2006 death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, Sedwill said Russian Federation had the operational means to carry out such an attack against Skripal.

Yulia Skripal was discharged from a hospital in the English city of Salisbury on Monday, where, she said, she was treated "with obvious clinical expertise and with such kindness".

The report from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons did not include a statement about where the poison was manufactured.

United Kingdom authorities identified the highest concentration of the nerve agent at the front door of the Skripal's house.

Russian Federation has said it does not have such nerve agents and President Vladimir Putin said it was nonsense to think that Moscow would have poisoned the Skripals.

Yulia Skripal declines Russian embassy help
Yulia Skripal declines Russian embassy and her cousin help

But in her most recent statement, Ms Skripal clarified that Viktoria's "opinions and assertions are not mine and they are not my father's".

In a letter to Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Sir Mark also said that in the 2000s the Russians had begun a programme to train personnel from "special units" in the use of chemical warfare agents.

Sedwill said within the last decade, Russian Federation has produced and stockpiled small quantities of Novichok, which was found on Sergei Skripal's front door.

The worldwide chemical weapons watchdog has said an analysis of samples gathered from Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal, and detective sergeant Nick Bailey - who was affected during the emergency response - confirmed the U.K.'s assessment of the incident.

Alexander Yakovenko also accused the British authorities of destroying evidence in the Salisbury attack and said the British government had yet to produce the evidence to back its claims that Russian Federation was responsible.

"Russia has a proven record of conducting state-sponsored assassination", Sedwill said.

'The Russian state has previously produced Novichoks and would still be capable of doing so'.

The 33-year-old was found slumped beside her father, 66, on a bench in Salisbury, England, on March 4.

"We would like to make sure that the statement really belongs to Yulia", the Russian Embassy in Britain said in a statement on Wednesday.

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