Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
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Bill Cosby defense challenges Janice Dickinson

Bill Cosby defense challenges Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson informed jurors Invoice Cosby raped her in 1982.

Dickinson tried to confront Cosby that day, whom she said looked like he was dumbfounded. 'It was gross, ' she said, as she described passing out during the assault at the hands of Cosby. "It's all a fabrication there because I wanted the paycheck for my kids", she said, adding that the ghost writer had taken "poetic license".

The fifth and final prior accuser to testify, Lise-Lotte Lublin, said she remembered being in Cosby's room and blacking out, but does not remember a sexual assault.

Saying she felt motionless and immobile at the time, Dickinson remembered thinking that she didn't consent to what was occurring.

The now frail and isolated 80-year-old entertainer could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted of drugging and molesting 45-year-old Andrea Constand when she was a Temple University employee in January 2004. Dickinson, by far the most prominent of the parade of women, is not directly tied to the criminal charges.

Dickinson may be now the fourth of five accusersNeill to inform their tales to the prosecution at the suburban Philadelphia courtroom. For the retrial, the judge permitted five, although the change was never fully explained.

Cosby's defence has attempted to dismiss as "prosecution by distraction", the remarkably similar stories of the five women, who all say they were drugged and assaulted by someone they considered a mentor figure. They'll help you relax. "Maybe you'll be too blinded by accusations".

"It still takes me everything within my being to say the words, 'I was raped, '" she testified.

She said Cosby flew her first class from Bali, Indonesia, where she was on a modelling job, to the ritzy Lake Tahoe resort in the Sierra Nevada for what she thought would be talks about her career.

The photos - a key piece of evidence to buttress her claims of spending time with Cosby - were displayed for the jury, who got to see him dressed in a multi-coloured checked robe and brown cap. And more memorable than his scent was the symbol of power and decency he had long embodied to her.

The case has trashed the legacy of the actor once adored by millions as "America's Dad" for his role as lovable father and obstetrician Cliff Huxtable on the hit 1984-92 television series "The Cosby Show". "How very wrong it was".

She says within minutes she became dizzy, and that he asked her to sit between his legs and stroked her hair, before she blacked out. 'It'll be your word against his, ' I told her. "I was in shock". In the book, she never mentioned rape, though the meeting with Cosby did make it to her autobiography.

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His bewildered look infused her with rage, she told the jury.

Cosby, who says he's legally blind, stared toward the sound of her voice, his mouth fixed in a stony frown. "I felt rage, was humiliated embarrassed".

Yet despite this, she buried the account for years, fearing going public would damage her career. "What are you doing to me?" "I had clients who would not appreciate the fact that I had been raped".

Defense lawyers were expected to cross-examine Dickinson later Thursday.

During cross examination, a defense attorney seized on inconsistencies in Dickinson's testimony and what she wrote in the book.

"I'm not a liar, sir, don't call me a liar", Dickinson responded. "Drew", Dickinson said she told Dr. And I'm telling the real story!'

Janice Dickinson made big money as a model in her younger days.

Mesereau had series of questions over Dickinson's civil litigation aimed at Cosby, including a pending defamation lawsuit.

Janice Baker-Kinney was frank about her history-her experiments with drugs in the 1970s, her bout with alcoholism-and how she still blames herself for accepting two pills from Cosby the night she says he sexually assaulted her. He's a powerful guy. She and her 2002 book were the focus of the current courtroom spotlight.

She denies that she partook in the drug-fueled bacchanal as she has described in her book, saying again that she gave her ghostwriter "dramatic liberties". "There is no way I could appear drunk and appear on the cover of Vogue all over the world". "I remember the taste of his kiss". His lawyers also have depicted Constand as a con artist.

Several women took the stand in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case.

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