Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Sport | By Gary Shelton

NCAA alters rules on kickoffs

NCAA alters rules on kickoffs

"Maybe more teams will take drastic measures to get out of that situation, like if I kick it off to the five, obviously they're going to probably kneel it just so they get that extra 20 yards, but we'll see", said Yoon. Previously, players calling for fair catches on kickoffs inside the 25 would be setting their team back, with the ball placed wherever they made the fair catch. According to the NCAA, fewer injuries occur on kickoffs that result in touchbacks than kickoffs that are returned.

The new rule is the latest in a series of changes the committee has made in recent years in hopes of making the play safer.

If any player on the receiving team signals for a fair catch inside his own 25-yard line, it results in an automatic touchback - the same as if the a player kneeled in the end zone on a kickoff.

The most noticeable change pertains to offensive blocks: The offense will not be allowed to block below the waist when the block occurs more than 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

The oversight panel also approved rules for blocking below the waist.

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Following a touchdown and a kickoff, the play clock will start at the 40-second mark in an effort to speed up the game. The play clock will also be set quicker after a kickoff to keep things flowing as well.

A 10-second run-off will be added when instant replay overturns the ruling on the field inside of one minute in either half, in cases when the correct ruling would not have stopped the game clock.

-Leaping rules on field goals and extra points will closer resemble leaping rules on punts.

-Any 15-yard penalty on made field goals can be enforced on the kickoff.

Collaborative replay systems - in which replays are reviewed and ruled upon from an off-site location such as a conference office rather than in the stadium - will remain in effect. It is illegal to leap over the frame of an opponent's body.

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