Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Pence calls Syria mission 'completely accomplished,' tells Russian Federation to get the message

Pence calls Syria mission 'completely accomplished,' tells Russian Federation to get the message

Pence went one step further than most US officials have said publicly since the strikes so far, claiming that further use of chemical weapons will mean a "price to pay" - military action.

Vice President Mike Pence, attending an global summit on Saturday, said he backs President Trump's assertion earlier in the day that the US -led airstrikes this weekend in Syria resulted in "mission accomplished", And he warned Syrian ally Russian Federation that it is "on the wrong side of history".

"Last night, the aim of the mission of this (our) commander-in-chief handed our military forces was utterly attained, with accelerated professionalism", Pence claimed in a reaction to reporters' inquiries about whether Trump reluctantly reevaluate the mission's no effect.

Pentagon officials earlier Saturday suggested they had proof that the Assad regime was behind the attack but could not elaborate as the information is classified.

Vice-President Mike Pence say the United States did the morally right thing when it attacked Syrian chemical weapons facilities in retaliation for an attack on civilians. "That you're known by the company you keep".

'Our message to Russian Federation is, "you're on the wrong side of history", ' Pence also said.

Oklahoma wildfires force thousands to evacuate
Wildfire conditions are expected to worsen Friday, with the National Weather Service categorizing the threat level as historic. A brush fire was being fought Friday evening in the area of Youngstown Ridge Road in Ligonier, a Westmoreland dispatcher said.

- Pence defended the president while building support among USA allies for the joint strikes with Britain and France.

Seeking rapprochement with Mexico, which has been at odds with Trump over the border wall and immigration, Pence said the topic of funding for Trump's long-promised border wall did not come up in his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Pence also said leaders at the summit, which is focused on the collapse of democracy in Venezuela, saoid they support the missile strikes in Syria. "When you have just two different people who have strong characters, they have strong differences".

US trade negotiators have reduced their demand for regional auto content under a reworked NAFTA trade deal to 75 percent from the 85 percent they had sought, the head of Mexico's automotive industry association (AMIA), said on Friday.

Pence held brief bilateral talks with the leaders of Mexico and Canada on Saturday about the state of play in their NAFTA renegotiations, saying he was "encouraged" by recent progress towards a deal.

There had been expectations leading up to the meeting that NAFTA would dominate the discussion, particularly after conflicting messages from US trade officials and President Donald Trump earlier in the week. "And it will have a kind of fairness that will permit us to go forward in a productive, mutually beneficial relationship".

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