Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Facebook faces up to privacy issues

Facebook faces up to privacy issues

This is not something that can be dismissed or solved with clear cut measures and it is likely to continue in the years to come.

"Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg confronted two days of flame broiling before U.S. government officials this week, following worries over how his organization manages individuals" information. While some are thinking of quitting the social media app altogether, others are figuring ways to minimize the loss of their personal data.

Tufekci says the targeting specificity that Facebook user data allows is chilling, giving as an example the ability to determine if a person is bipolar: "You can predict people's likelihood of entering a depressive state or a manic state in the next few months ... you can imagine the kind of manipulation that it's open to". The answer is that we can not.

Compassion, corporate social responsibility, thought leadership... all those things went out the window a long time ago for Mark Zuckerberg.

Who took what from Facebook?

"I urged Facebook to take all the necessary steps to mitigate any potential negative consequences for the users in the future". That Facebook is not going to change its stripes is obvious. Social media networks are like cigarettes: they provide certain benefits, but are still bad for you.

SEN. DURBIN: "Would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?" To the extent that Facebook is only a platform, it can be easily replaced by others.

The announcement comes after Facebook placed adverts in U.S. and United Kingdom newspapers apologising for losing control of the data.

The process for downloading your Facebook data is a little convoluted, and you don't get it instantly.

By now you've probably gathered that Facebook uses things like your interest, age and other demographic and geographic information to help advertisers reach you.

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"I don't see a reason for businesses to pull back now. And I think it's something GDPR will require us to do and it will be positive". Can Facebook track browsing activity after a user logs off? One of those was from Ted Cruz, the former candidate for Republican presidential nomination.

Admitting wrongdoing usually comes with a price; in the case of Mr. Zuckerberg's testimony, however, saying he's sorry resulted in a 5.2 per cent uptick in Facebook's stock value, which further translated into a US$3.2-billion increase to Mr. Zuckerberg's personal wealth. "This is actually a concern that I have, and that I try to root out at the company - is making sure that we don't have any bias in the work that we do".

Facebook Self-Regulating on Privacy Matters? This has made Facebook a scapegoat for President Donald Trump's victory on par with the Russians and James Comey (at least before the Federal Bureau of Investigation director got fired and became a Trump adversary).

Sen. Lindsey Graham was the first to bring up the situation during the hearing by asking the simple question of "Who is your biggest competitor?" to Zuckerberg.

MARK ZUCKERBERG: "Umm, uh, no". In the end, despite Zuckerberg's protests, Facebook feels like it pretty much has the monopoly.

Part of the problem was the structure of the hearings. Even uploading photos from your mobile can make your personal information vulnerable to hackers and spammers.

Facebook's enormous lobbying power has so far mostly fended off the practical ideas of Quintarelli, Spiekermann, and their fellow campaigners. From there, Facebook prompts the user to begin gathering the archived information, which will be sent to an email associated with the Facebook account.

When this summer started, my 10-year-old nephew asked for a notebook he could use as a journal, and being a sucker for journals and boys who write, I gave in.

It appears like a genuinely outlined component in administration of Facebooks' objective of interfacing individuals.

The answer, as Zuckerberg surely knows, is yes. So it was a theoretical "yes" by Zuckerberg for more internal regulation; and another "yes" for more investment in artificial intelligence (AI) to detect security breaches and fake news.

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