Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Man City confirmed as champions as rivals United lose

Man City confirmed as champions as rivals United lose

Well done City, you've managed to balls up the most impressive Premier League title win we've seen in years.

Instead of City likely clinching the title at home to Swansea next weekend, that game at Etihad Stadium will now be a party and a celebration of one of the Premier League's finest teams which could yet break a slew of records by the end of the season. Instead, some players had even left the country after being given a couple of days off by Guardiola.

The man most often picked out by Guardiola himself as the heartbeat of this City side, Kevin De Bruyne looks set to battle with Liverpool's Mohamed Salah for the Premier League player of the year awards.

"I knew that sooner or later they would be (champions) and if I was in their position I would be very upset if someone said they won the title because Manchester United lost against West Brom".

"I've seen many teams win it where they've been champions all season and it's a first for me".

The 2012 title win had the infamous last-gasp goal by Sergio Aguero. "The amount of goals, chances and points, to do that in the Premier League, with the contenders we have, is because the players are so good". That gave us [confidence], against the last champions we are able to go there and played the way we played.

"It's the same feeling as the first time and you can't describe it", the Belgian told Sky Sports.

Roma mock Harry Kane
But Salah could finish this season on another high, with the Reds facing his former club Roma in the Champions League semi-final in seven days' time.

It is also City's first win under former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola, who may have missed the moment after saying on Saturday that he had a round of golf booked with his son.

After the drama of the derby last week, Manchester United completely folded in half against bottom of the league West Brom on Sunday afternoon, leaving Manchester City the most unexpectedly expected Premier League champions since football began in 1992.

"It shows what football is in Manchester".

In the tune of 'If you're happy and you know it (!?)' Man City's official partner produced a video featuring City players and fans celebrating their title win.

"We did it in the way we wanted to do", Guardiola said at Wembley on Saturday. There was a period of adaptation for him coming into the league and for us taking in his methods.

Thierry Henry: I am not surprised with what Pep has done in this league and a year ago, I was one of the people saying stop having a go at the man because that's how he plays.

"I am so glad to be here and be part of this club".

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