Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
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Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites Before And After Missile Strikes

Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites Before And After Missile Strikes

Although MPs may call for a substantive parliamentary vote on the action, the debate will only be accompanied by a neutral motion, such as "that the House has considered the matter of military action taken on 14 April".

In a statement released in the early hours of this morning she said: "This evening I have authorised British armed forces to conduct co-ordinated and targeted strikes to degrade the Syrian Regime's chemical weapons capability and deter their use".

"And a significant body of information including intelligence indicates the Syrian regime is responsible for this latest attack".

Opposition parties say MPs should have been consulted before the United Kingdom joined the U.S. and France in bombing three Syrian sites, in response to a suspected chemical attack on the town of Douma.

Even this week, the Russians vetoed a Resolution at the UN Security Council which would have established an independent investigation into the Douma attack.

But earlier on Friday, Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations accused Assad of using chemical weapons over 50 times during the civil war.

"In addition we expect our regional allies and partners to take greater responsibility both militarily and financially for securing the region".

The Labour leader said chlorine has been used by "a number of parties in the conflict" in Syria as a weapon and questioned the legality of the air strikes.

"We can not allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalized - within Syria, on the streets of the United Kingdom, or anywhere else in our world". In 2013, 30 voted against the government. "They can set the agenda", said the source.

Britain's prime minister is about to face questions in parliament about the UK's decision to launch coordinated attacks on Syria - alongside American and French forces - without parliamentary approval.

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The SNP has told Sky News it would support the act.

The Prime Minister was asked if the strikes had been a warning to Russian Federation and responded: The action that took place last night was an action which was focused on degrading and deterring the operational capability and the willingness of the Syrian regime to continue to use chemical weapons.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the military action against Syria was legally questionable and makes real accountability for war crimes less likely.

According to the expert, the aggression by Washington, London and Paris against Syria on Saturday was not aimed at changing the alignment of forces and from this viewpoint nothing changed. "Indeed, we have been calling for parliament to be recalled since last Wednesday", Blackford said in a statement.

"Most worrying, is that she has acted at the behest of presidential tweets and sidelined parliament", he said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May described the strike as "limited and targeted".

He has also said the government should not be taking sides in "a Cold War confrontation" and advised that the Irish Government to "stand out against it".

Often when the British government decides on military action, the opposition offers its full support.

But in her statement the Prime Minister will point to the global backing which the United Kingdom and its allies have since received.

Mr Johnson said action had to be taken against Syria for the Douma attack during an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

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