Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Sci-tech | By Carrie Guzman

WhatsApp Android Beta 2.18.109 Timestamp Bug Fixed

WhatsApp Android Beta 2.18.109 Timestamp Bug Fixed

With the new feature, WhatsApp will now let users re-download these media files for a longer period, even if the user deleted them from their phone's storage.

We have all been through this. Now the company has added another feature in its latest update that lets users download deleted media files.

WhatsApp has a new feature to its Android app which will allow you to redownload media after deletion. Still, WhatsApp makes sure to keep all media end-to-end encrypted, so it won't be able to view the contents of what's been sent.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp beta users may have noticed a bug affecting the timestamp of chats on their app on version 2.18.109. But now those files can be re-downloaded, thanks to the latest update. However, now, WhatsApp does not seem to delete the data from the server and that enables users to download it again if it was accidentally deleted. The app will also check if the file is available in the 'sdcard/WhatsApp/' directory before downloading the file. Once identified, WhatsApp will trigger the UPI payment feature and the user can just type in the payment amount and complete the transaction.

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Also, WhatsApp, which has introduced Unified Payment Interface (UPI) service for users to transact money in India, is also testing the Quick Response (QR) code scan feature. Previously, WhatsApp stored "un-downloaded' media files for 30 days and when a user downloaded them, the application used to delete it from the server".

However, users were perplexed by a bug that cropped up last week that replaced the "Yesterday" and "Today" timestamps in the beta with ASCII codes.

The WhatsApp team apparently got to know about the bug soon after it was reported online and brought its fix on April 14, Saturday.

These timestamps appeared throughout the app, including the WhatsApp Status, messages, and calls. Therefore, the bug was primarily changing the first alphabets of the affected timestamps with their ASCII codes.

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