Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Lady professor accused to lure girls in flesh trade!!!; police arrests accused

Lady professor accused to lure girls in flesh trade!!!; police arrests accused

High drama preceded the arrest as the woman allegedly locked herself in her house and a 50-strong police team broke open the backdoor and detained her.

Nirmala Devi's alleged phone conversation with four girl students of the Devanga Arts College in Aruppukottai - recordings of which leaked in social media in the last few days - suggest she had been trying to convince them to meet "certain expectations of the university officials".

A Raj Bhavan statement said, "There have been widespread reports about certain immoral happenings at a college in Aruppukottai, in which references to Madurai Kamaraj University have also been made".

"It is important to enquire into such matters immediately and without prejudice so that the guilty do not escape without punishment", the Governor said. The Madurai Kamaraj University has formed a committee to probe the incident.

In the audio clip, the lecturer doesn't explicitly mention sexual favours, but mentions that the officials want "help" from college students, and promises that their "separate" accounts will be credited with funds.

The advice is being seen as a suggestion for sexual favours.

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She was then taken to the Aruppukkottai town police station.

When the girls indicate appears to be uninterested, she was insistent saying that it was for "a very, very high-level person". She also asks them to take their own time and get back to her in a couple of days. The college is affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University. They expect college students to get things done... In the audio conversation, the professor is heard saying that the Governor is not an "old man".

When the girls tell her not to talk about this again, Nirmala Devi seeks an assurance from them that they will not reveal the conversation to anyone.

A senior police officer privy to Devi's questioning said she admitted that the voice in the audio clip was hers. "We are still clueless about the details of charges", he said.

She, however, has denied sexual angle to her advice and claimed she had made it "in the right spirit" and not with any hidden motive or agenda. "We demand an impartial probe into the issue to bring out all those powerful people behind the assistant professor", she said. "Undettered, the professor tells the students can achieve anything".

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