Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Paying Sales Tax on Out of State Purchases

Paying Sales Tax on Out of State Purchases

Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Apple and other major companies do now collect sales tax via their ecommerce channels, so that's not what this case is after.

The state, appealing a lower court decision that favored Wayfair Inc, Inc and Newegg Inc, is being supported by President Donald Trump's administration.

South Dakota says it is looking to start collecting taxes only for future online sales, but But Wayfair's attorneys argue in court filings that many other states and local governments could demand years of back sales taxes, forcing retailers to go through costly audits of past sales and make back payments that could bankrupt some companies.

However, in 2016, South Dakota passed a law requiring retailers with at least 200 transactions or $100,000 in sales per year in the state to collect state taxes. North Dakota's physical-presence requirement for sales tax that exempts many e-commerce businesses from charging billions of dollars. The court will also rule whether states have the authority to tax all online purchases. "A retailer today can transact a significant amount of business in a state without ever being physically present in the state".

Stephanie Martz, the federation's general counsel, said in an interview the case gives the Supreme Court a chance to adapt the law to new circumstances prompted by the rise of internet shopping.

South Dakota-along with the dozens of other states who have signed on to the case as allies-argues that the current "physical presence" requirement has become antiquated in an age where far more businesses maintain a strictly online presence.

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Whatever ruling that the Supreme Court will issue would likely affect the national e-commerce and online shopping industry.

"Things have changed a lot since 1992".

FILE PHOTO: A view of the U.S. Supreme Court building is seen in Washington, DC, U.S., October 13, 2015.

Amazon and Walmart, two of the giants of online retailing, collect sales tax on all their sales in the 45 states that have a statewide sales tax.

Is such a law, somewhat unknown, nearly (or perhaps completely) unenforced, and overwhelmingly ignored, included in "dina d'malchusa dina"?

But small businesses that sell online say the complexity and expense of collecting taxes nationwide could drive them out of business.

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