Published: Wed, April 18, 2018
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Korea's leader attends ballet performance by Chinese art troupe

Korea's leader attends ballet performance by Chinese art troupe

-North Korea summit, slated for May or early June. Kim has agreed to discuss denuclearization, according to USA and South Korean officials.

"We expect the summit will confirm the denuclearisation will (of North Korea), and hope to have a comprehensive agreement with the North on the matter", he said. "And I really believe there's a lot of good will, a lot of good things are happening", he said. "Hopefully, we will see fruition [from the summits] around autumn".

Trump took credit for the inter-Korean talks, saying, "Without us and without me, in particular, I guess you would have to say, they wouldn't be discussing anything".

Mike Pompeo, Trump's nominee for secretary of state, said Thursday that the USA would not relax sanctions or offer other concessions until the North agrees to dismantle its nuclear program.

Contacts between the two side in recent weeks have involved US intelligence and State Department officials, a USA official told Reuters this month. Known in the country as the "Day of the Sun", it fell this year on Sunday.

The summit will be vital for setting the "right atmosphere" for future exchanges, Do said.

The U.S. itself is pushing for the release of three Americans. DPRK is the acronym for North Korea's formal name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Speculation has centred on a range of sites including Pyongyang, the demilitarized zone between the Koreas, Stockholm, Geneva and Mongolia. Masamichi Adachi, senior economist at JPMorgan Securities Japan, said that domestic woes may help Abe gain some USA concessions.

North Korea has long justified the need for its nuclear program by pointing to the fate of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, who was overthrown and killed by US and NATO backed rebel forces, just a few years after he agreed to give up his country's nuclear weapons. "[South Korea's] alliance, that would be clearly unacceptable", Georgy Toloraya, a former Russian diplomat who spent many years in North Korea, said in an article posted Friday on the 38North blog. Trump later said he wanted a bilateral trade deal with Japan and wouldn't consider coming back to TPP without major revisions - a demand Abe will probably try to discourage him from this week.

7 inmates killed, 17 others injured in SC prison riot
The state capital is home to the Kirkland Correctional Institution, where four inmates were fatally strangled a year ago. Stirling said gangs were fighting over territory and said cellphones help them continue criminal activity behind bars.

"When our special envoys visited Pyongyang, the mood was not bad, and we understand that the North Koreans and the Americans are both engaged in honest discussions, so we are optimistic about the inter-Korean summit", Mr. Im said.

The statement noted, "We solemnly warn not only the U.S. and the puppet group but also satellites - including the United Kingdom and Australia, which are taking advantage of the present war maneuvers against the North, that they would face a miserable end if they join in", as reported by Mirror. Mr. Trump said the Koreas have his "blessing" to discuss an end to war.

They were allowed to make "films with artistic values, instead of just propaganda films extolling the regime", Choi said, but always longed for their freedom. Both of those summits featured rounds of golf for the leaders, and they may hit the links this time around as well.

This is the third Trump-Abe summit, including a previous one at Mar-a-Lago in February of past year.

Japan fears Trump will try to link vital security matters with touchy trade topics.

"North Korea's current regime is particularly aware of the Libya case, where Libya gave up its WMD program in return for being welcomed back into the worldwide community, and later the United States supported the overthrow of the regime", said Rodger Baker, vice president of strategic analysis for the global intelligence firm Stratfor.

Abe is also expected to push for exemptions on new US tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that have been granted to several key USA allies.

Kim and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed during their first-ever summit in Beijing in late March to promote cultural exchanges.

It's Abe's second trip to the private Florida club that Trump has dubbed the "winter White House".

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