Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
Life&Culture | By Rose Hansen

LEGO Incredibles Trailer Spotlights The Parr Family And Their Powers

The game, which will cover iconic moments from both of the films, will launch on the same day the movie releases, and the new trailer (below) for the game showcases each of the Parr Family's unbelievable powers, including Elastigirl's flexible transformations, Mr. Incredible's strength, Elastigirl's elasticity, Violet's forcefields, and Dash's speed in order to solve puzzles in order to proceed.

The video showcases how the Parr Family work together in a variety of thrilling locations while battling a host of unsafe villains, recreating iconic moments from both movies. Elastigirl can stretch her body to form bridges for her family, while Violet's force fields can disable laser grids.

But just take a gander at some of the neat stuff going on in the first LEGO The Incredibles gameplay trailer.

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Released by Warner Bros.

LEGO The Incredibles will launch July 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. If you want to check out the game for yourself, it can now be pre-ordered on Amazon. Nintendo Switch eShop pre-order will be available from May 2018.

LEGO The Incredibles plays like many games within the LEGO genre, with the Parr family's powers to add their own flare to the gameplay.

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