Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
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Witness testifies Constand lied about sexual assault with Cosby for money

Witness testifies Constand lied about sexual assault with Cosby for money

He said he never saw any physical intimate contact between the two.

Charles Kipps is a writer who worked with Cosby.

Constand has said she considered Cosby a mentor and he gained her trust, drugged and assaulted her in 2004. Montgomery County Detective James Reape, who has been working on the Cosby investigation since it was reopened in 2015, told jurors he wasn't concerned about inconsistencies in Constand's story, such as her early uncertainty over the date of the alleged assault, because Cosby's testimony had filled in numerous blanks. He says it was consensual. Prosecutors said Wednesday that they are done with their case, except for expert witnesses who will be called Thursday.

At Cosby's first trial, which ended with a hung jury last June, she was blocked from testifying.

She said Constand spoke of the plot while they were rooming together on a road trip to Rhode Island with the Temple University women's basketball team, where Constand was working as operations director.

The defense also called former Temple employee Pamela Gray-Young, who was an office manager for the women's basketball team from 1999 to 2008.

Jackson says Constand told her she'd been assaulted, then switched gears and said she could fabricate an account to "sue and get that money". "When?" Jackson recounted. "She said 'she wasn't going to say, ' and I said, 'Did you report it?'"

Jackson took the witness stand after a judge overruled prosecutors and said she could tell her story to the jury.

Constand testified Monday she didn't "recall ever having a conversation with" Jackson.

Jurors got a sense of Cosby's view of consent when the comedian described in the deposition reaching an area "somewhere between permission and rejection" during what he claims was a prior sexual encounter with Constand. Cosby also said that he never used the pills himself because they made him "sleepy". The case was settled for almost $3.4 million.

Cosby's lawyers sought Wednesday to minimize the importance of his quaaludes testimony.

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Jackson's account was immediately challenged by prosecutors, who suggested she wasn't on the trip where she says her conversation with Constand took place.

In the end, Dickinson wrote in her book that Cosby gave her the "dirtiest, meanest look in the world" and slammed the door in her face when she spurned his advances during their meeting in Lake Tahoe.

The book contained a highly sanitized version of the encounter, with no sex at all, let alone a rape.

Regan, speaking in a husky voice from the witness stand, said that she was advised by lawyers for her company, Regan Books, that Dickinson could not include the allegation in the book without "corroboration".

Cosby said he gave out the pills "the same as a person would say, 'Have a drink, '" according to the deposition.

Cosby made the damaging admission when he testified in 2005 as part of his chief accuser's civil lawsuit against him. In a transcript read to the jury, Cosby testified he believed the encounter was in 2004, undermining his defense team's assertion that it had to have been earlier and thus outside the criminal statute of limitations. At the time, no other women had quite so publicly accused Cosby of rape - Regan and the lawyers at the publisher were anxious about taking such a big chance on painting the legendary comedian as a sexual predator.

He says that prosecutors were using "tools of incompetence to build monuments of nothingness". The comedian, she said, put her in touch with Cosby's defense team.

A police sergeant testified Tuesday that a suburban Philadelphia prosecutor closed the original 2005 probe hours after investigators met to discuss leads that needed to be followed up.

Jurors could soon hear Bill Cosby's explosive testimony about giving quaaludes to women before sex.

"Quaaludes happen to be the drug that kids, young people were using to party with, and there were times when I wanted to have them just in case", Cosby testified.

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