Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
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David Copperfield forced to reveal magic trick in court

David Copperfield forced to reveal magic trick in court

But the judge ruled that thousands of people have already participated in the trick and already know its mechanics, which resulted in the show's producer Chris Kenner explaining the trick in court.

Cox claims negligence led to his fall while he and about a dozen other audience members who seemed to have vanished onstage were hustled outdoors and back indoors to reappear in the theater. Copperfield could take the stand on Wednesday. At one point, the participants exit and then re-enter the building.

Copperfield banters for a few minutes before pulling the curtains and revealing the 13 have disappeared.

Revealing it from start to finish, he described how Copperfield chooses 13 audience members at random and then brings them on stage to sit on a platform.

Morelli asked if Copperfield and stagehands involved with the trick judged the "physical fitness" or "footwear" of the participants that were randomly picked. "This is like going on vacation, only hotter, with more familiar faces".

"Do you agree that certain things during the route can be unsafe?"

"If somebody participated in the 13 illusion, and they were injured, it's their fault, not yours, yes or no?"

Copperfield responded that he couldn't answer a hypothetical question before proceedings ended for the day.

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"It's not just tricks", Copperfield said in 2013. He also washed his hands on the said incident, saying, "If I did something wrong, it would be my fault".

A chef in England at the time, Cox had flown to Las Vegas for a birthday celebration and to see Copperfield perform.

Mr Cox suffered a dislocated shoulder and claims he has since suffered chronic pain and brain injury.

Cox's lawyers have called the performance an "accident waiting to happen".

Mr Cox, who had previously cooked for the Royal Family, has not worked since he fell over while being led through a secret passageway at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He alleges that the hallways were filled with construction dust and other debris, which made them hard to navigate.

Asked whether construction dust could cause an injury, the magician said: "I would agree with you, but there wasn't construction dust in the way".

The lawyer's questions then focused on a 20-by-8-foot dumpster, and whether Copperfield spotted it when he "fast walked" the escape route prior to the show. "It's next to the path; it's not in the path".

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