Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Israel drops fliers on Gaza, 'stay away from borders'

Israel drops fliers on Gaza, 'stay away from borders'

Protests have continued to take place on the Gaza border today as thousands of Palestinians demonstrate for the fourth week as part of the "Great March of Return", leaving at least two dead and dozens injured.

In Friday's leaflets, the Israeli military said that it is "prepared for all scenarios", urging Gaza residents to stay away from the fence and not attempt to harm it.

Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Programme Director at Defence for Children International -Palestine, said: "Israeli forces are using live ammunition for crowd control to disperse protesters in Gaza, ignoring their obligation under international law to only resort to intentional lethal force when a direct, mortal threat to life or of serious injury exists". It warned on February 25 that starvation could hit Gaza within weeks. It continues a brutal occupation of the West Bank and the Golan Heights and denies full civil rights to Palestinians living within Israel's borders.

The planned six-week protest, which began on 30 March on Palestinian Land Day, is set to end on 15 May - the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe), in which more than 700,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced by Israeli forces in 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

Speaking on April 9 in the Israeli town of Sderot, near Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "We have one clear and simple rule and we seek to express it constantly: if someone tries to attack you - rise up and attack him". As long as Israel is protected by the USA, they won't stop committing these unjustified crimes.

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Mordechai, the Defense Ministry's outgoing Coordinator of the Government's Activities in the Territories, has toured Israel's border with the Strip during the last few weeks along with Zamir to coordinate a response to widespread Palestinian protests that have led to bloody clashes. Rioters also threw stones and burned tires.

Several fires have been started in wheat fields on the Israeli side of the border by such contraptions in recent days, according to the Times of Israel news website.

Other than flaming kites, protestors are burning rubber tiresin a bid to obscure the vision of Israeli snipers lined up on the border.

At least 35 Palestinians have been martyred - and hundreds more injured - by cross-border Israeli army gunfire since the border rallies began on March 30.

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