Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
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The way media works has also changed and every move would be dissected, including the attempts to defame Mr. Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan also has also come up with a strong and emotional message and one of the tweets send out by the much loved star was read as "If I can not defend the honour of my mother I better die".

Telugu film industry is stirred up since starlet Sri Reddy conducted a shocking striptease to fight against sexual harassment within South film industry.

Notably, Pawan is protesting against the local media houses which telecasted the offensive words and gestures used by Sri Reddy against him and his mother and accused them of targeting the actor.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan took to micro blogging website with a rather provocative message as he wants people to know that he will be coming with a television show which will be the "mother" of all shows. In this complete episode, Pawan Kalyan was targeted badly. Pawan has not given any details about the show but perhaps soon. Now the star-actor has taken it upon himself to not let anyone dishonour him or his mother and play dirty politics.

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Pawan also tweeted a video of TV5 News anchor E Sambashiva Rao, who when interviewing an actor had suggested that there were "whores" and "brokers" in the Telugu film industry.

He also appealed to Naidu, saying, "For these channels, the "legality of prostitution" is more important than Special Category Status (SCS)".

"Interesting fact: The current dream team also has Mothers, sisters, daughters, daughter in laws and all the women". It wasn't Sri Reddy's idea.

An apology and an elaborate statement involving producer Allu Aravind, RGV's involvement to Sri Reddy's whole rally against casting couch has shocked many.

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