Published: Fri, April 20, 2018
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Walmart to Host Electrify America Fast Charging Stations

Walmart to Host Electrify America Fast Charging Stations

Setting up convenient charging stations at one of the nation's biggest retailers could do wonders for electric vehicle adoption in the US.

Electrify America says that this initiative promises to "more than double" the number of chargers at Walmart stores in the US.

The chargers are claimed to recharge even the largest electric vehicle battery in under 15 minutes.

Next year, when you need to charge your EV, go to Walmart.

Not only should this give electric vehicle drivers a convenient place to charge while they buy groceries and other essentials, it may also play an important role in making fast electric auto chargers a common sight for mainstream American Walmart shoppers. Those of you who have an electric vehicle now will still be able to use these stations though, as the company says each one will be outfitted with a 50kW CHAdeMO charger (meaning Tesla owners can use these as well), along with dual-handle dispensers that feature 50 to 350KW CCS1 connectors.

Each of the chargers will deliver anywhere from 150 to 350 kilowatts, up to seven times more power than current DC fast chargers. The addition of Dynamic DC power sharing technology, allows a two-power cabinet charging system to charge a couple of EVs simultaneously, with up to 350 kW and 500 A, while dynamically optimizing the available grid connection and the power delivery to the two vehicles.

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Electrify America, which is investing $2 billion over the next ten years in electric vehicle infrastructure and education, plans to deploy more than 2,000 chargers across 484 sites in 17 metropolitan areas and on highways in 39 states, as part of its Cycle One investment.

Not all EVs and PHEVs will be able to use the maximum power offered by the Electrify America technology, so, for some, charging times will be significantly slower. "Walmart is the ideal partner for Electrify American to bring charging services to EV owners who value their time". Globally, Tesla now boasts 1,210 charging stations with a total of 9,428 chargers.

"By placing our ultra-fast charging systems in locations drivers enjoy stopping at, we help reduce charging anxiety and increase the public acceptance of electric vehicles", said McNabb.

Nationwide, Electrify America plans to deploy 2,000 chargers across the country at 484 sites in 17 US cities and along highways in 39 states.

Other automakers however, like Tesla, have privatized their charging stations, gatekeeping them to all but their own customers. Now, new Tesla owners have to pay to use the exclusive high-powered charging stations.

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