Published: Sat, April 21, 2018
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Michelle Pfeiffer lived on "tomato soup and Marlboros" during 'Scarface' movie shoot

Michelle Pfeiffer lived on

"As the father of a daughter, I am concerned with body image", Kornbluth, who runs the blog Head Butler, said.

Moderator Jesse Kornbluth out of curiosity wondered what exactly did Pfeiffer weighed in the film and how she thinned down to play Elvira.

Apparently the audience did not appreciate the line of questioning, with one person shouting, "Why do you want to know?" and several others booing.

In response, Michelle replies: "Well, OK. That was part of the physicality of the part which you have to consider". This meant her character became even more emaciated, as she was on a limited diet to stay true to the role.

She added, "The problem was the movie went six months". "I was starving by the end of it", she admitted, noting that a particular scene "where I needed to be my thinnest" kept getting delayed. The crew kept bringing me bagels because they were so anxious about me.

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"I think I was living on tomato soup and Marlboros", she says.

When contacted by BuzzFeed News, Kornbluth said: "Nobody booed when I asked Michelle about playing that familiar female character - what she has described as "the set piece" - and how she was able to, as she has described, "own and claim" her performance against one of Al's fiercest performances".

The cast and director of Scarface joined forces on Thursday evening for a very special reunion event at N.Y.C.'s Tribeca Film Festival.

The actress recalls the crew handing her bagels out of their concern at her shrinking weight. Also, let's keep in mind that her costar Pacino played a cocaine addict who was gaunt, hollow-eyed, and haggard by the end of the film, too, but he wasn't asked about his appearance and eating regimen. "Being an artist, it's really presenting to people what is the truth and not sugarcoated, and I felt that by allowing people to observe who this character is and the sacrifices that she's made said more than getting up on any soapbox and preaching to people". I've heard De Palma talk about Scraface before (there's a whole wonderful documentary in which he just goes through all of his movies) and Al Pacino isn't known for being shy, but I've never really heard from Pfeiffer about it before. And I have always tried to emulate that.

"At which point I said, I've had it with these people, I'm not taking anything more out", he continued.

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