Published: Sat, May 05, 2018
Worldwide | By Gretchen Simon

Kerry quietly meets with Zarif in bid to salvage Iran deal

Kerry quietly meets with Zarif in bid to salvage Iran deal

The deal's defenders have dismissed the Israeli prime minister's presentation as a bunch of old news - just further proof that Iran once had a robust covert program to build a bomb.

Netanyahu had earlier told the media that he would share the archive of more than 100,000 documents said to have been obtained by Israels espionage agency Mossad from a Tehran warehouse, which allegedly proves Irans past clandestine efforts to assemble nuclear weapons. Supporters of the Iran nuclear deal say it has prevented the conflict from descending into open warfare. That will significantly increase the chances of war - and may be exactly the outcome Washington seeks. In separate visits to the White House last month, the leaders of France and Germany implored the president not to withdraw from the deal by his self-imposed deadline of May 12. Failing those changes, Mr Trump's non-signature would trigger sanctions to snap into place.

Meanwhile, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu has been pushing Trump to take a more aggressive posture toward Iran, Israel's archenemy.

A former Obama administration official said little could be gained by aiming directly at Trump.

On Monday night in a live broadcast speech, Netanyahu stood in front of a bookcase laden with copies of the thousands of stolen Iranian documents retrieved during the Mossad's operation. Sanctions have already kept the country from fielding a significant air force, and memories in Tehran of Iraqi air strikes on its cities in the 1980s - when Iran lacked retaliatory capability - lie deep.

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"The sanctions lifting will only occur as Iran takes the steps agreed, including addressing possible military dimensions". Trump might not withdraw completely from the Iran nuclear deal.

One in every of Trump's choices, being known as "the nuclear possibility" by some consultants, would re-impose all of the sanctions without delay - even these not scheduled for renewal till July. Washington's demand for an indefinite extension of limits on Iran's nuclear activities is a non-starter.

Zarif said the United States has "consistently violated the nuclear deal, particularly by bullying others to prevent businesses from returning to Iran".

I want to fix this deal; that's the objective. "But I also believe there are areas in which it will be very important to have a meaningful dialogue because I see the region in a very risky position", he said. Will they continue to adhere to the agreement themselves, without the US? The deal was signed in July 2015, and then President Barack Obama came in for considerable criticism by the Republicans for what was seen as a flawed deal, given that it only postponed Iran's ability to develop nuclear weapons to a later date.

The outcome of a pressure campaign coordinated by Trump and Netanyahu could be a peaceful but emphatic push to keep the nuclear deal alive - but stronger, better and permanent. It would also mean that Congress will be authorised to approve secondary sanctions - which pertains to foreign institutions, including Europeans ones doing business with Tehran.

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