Published: Sat, May 05, 2018
Sport | By Gary Shelton

Red Bull had discussed clash prospect before the race

Red Bull had discussed clash prospect before the race

"It was obvious to the stewards that although the incident had its origins in the moves by auto 33, the driver of vehicle 3 also contributed to the incident".

"There were three incidents between the two of them during the course of the Grand Prix". For sure it was a chaotic race, and I guess we caused most of that.

He said: "I have watched a few replays and the only thing we can both say is sorry to the team".

"They have got to show the team and each other respect and give each other space", said Horner.

"We both feel pretty bad that it ended like that, and for the team it's pretty crappy. I will personally apologize to the team and once again I'm just sorry we are all in this situation when everyone has worked so hard to give us such a good vehicle".

Max Verstappen has admitted both he and team mate Daniel Ricciardo may have been "eager" to go wheel to wheel in Baku.

"They are both equally culpable, there's not one or the other who is more to blame".

Team boss Christian Horner called it a frustrating race and hugely "disappointing".

"The important thing is to learn from it and do our very best to to avoid a repeat in the future because we want to allow the drivers to continue to race".

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"Unfortunately, today has happened and there is no blame apportioned to either side".

The Red Bull drivers will be forced to apologise to chiefs at the manufacturer's head offices in Milton Keynes. "They've been reminded that they have a responsibility in the role they perform, that they are both highly paid individuals, to act with the team's interests at heart, not just their own".

"As unfortunate as it is, when you have two closely matched drivers, incidents will occur from time to time, and Red Bull have no plans to stop letting their drivers race each other - as long as they promise to keep it clean from here on in", Horner said.

Minutes before the crash, Ricciardo was advised: "You are going to have to do him again".

Team orders have always been one of Formula One's most controversial topics, but the rationale behind them is widely accepted throughout the paddock, particularly at the front of the grid. "I don't think we need to speak about fault because at the end of the day we are racing for a team and representing a lot of people, so when this happens it is not good for both of us", the 20-year-old said.

"For me, it is 70 percent Verstappen and 30 percent Ricciardo. If you move on him all the time where can the poor guy go?" he said.

Speaking after the incident, Ricciardo apologised to the team.

"I don't want to say it's just Lewis I'm looking for but that would be a good challenge", he said.

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