Published: Sun, May 06, 2018
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'Drunk' United Airlines stewardess disrupts flight with foul-mouthed rant

'Drunk' United Airlines stewardess disrupts flight with foul-mouthed rant

Gorman, who has since deleted the tweet with those pictures, accused the flight attendant of telling the fliers that "if your seat belt isn't tight, you (expletive) up".

'The situation is under investigation and the flight attendant is being held held out of service.

It looks like the career of one of the United Airlines flight attendant is in jeopardy after passengers reported that she was drunk on the flight. Drunk or stoned attendant jeopardized everyone's lives.

The airline offered an apology and compensation to those aboard the flight as "a gesture of goodwill", according to a statement released this week. I had to go to the cockpit and call the pilot and tell him they had an out of control attendant.

"We know about a concerning episode including a flight orderly serving on our provincial specialist co-op Trans States Airlines flight 4689". The safety of our passengers and crew is our and United's top priority'.

Disbelief, grief follow deaths of Grand Forks family
According to the Herald , the mother-of-three said the family had been getting their food from their local pantry. These kids - Arianna Talmage, 6, Aidan Talmage, 10, and Tyler Talmage, 14 - are all dead now.

Her tweet also said police and an ambulance were waiting for the plane when they landed Thursday afternoon.

She also posted images of the flight attendant on the social media site.

In another tweet, the passenger described in detail some of the offensive language and actions she said the airline employee exhibited.

It's not the first time that controversy has hit United Airlines.

In another incident shortly after the French Bulldog's death, a family that moved from OR to Kansas discovered their German shepherd, who had to fly in the cargo hold of a different flight, was accidentally flown to Japan.

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