Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

Viral photo of ticks on muffin terrifies the internet

Viral photo of ticks on muffin terrifies the internet

People on Twitter responded to the CDC's tweet with horror and disgust. Rather than scaremongering, the CDC's tweet was meant to educate people about the prevention of tick bites, making the point that ticks can be tricky to spot... particularly if they're crawling around in your breakfast. You have a tick.

May begins the three-month span during which more people will get tick bites than any other in the United States, according to the CDC, and a 2016 study found ticks that carry Lyme disease present in almost half of all USA counties.

But if generating buzz about tick bites was the CDC's goal all along, it's safe to say the agency does not regret the tweet.

Unfortunately, many people seem to have missed the CDC's larger message because they were too disturbed by the fact that their favorite muffin was just ruined.

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The CDC posted a tongue-in-cheek apology a few days later saying "sorry we ticked some of you off".

If an infected tick attaches itself to your skin and you notice a circular red rash develop around the bite, it could be an early sign of Lyme disease and you're advised to seek medical help as soon as possible.

The tweet asked people if they could spot the ticks on this poppy seed muffin.

The tweet went viral with over 1,900 retweets.

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