Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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John Oliver Rips Into 'Total Moron' Michael Cohen Over Consulting Scandal

John Oliver Rips Into 'Total Moron' Michael Cohen Over Consulting Scandal

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Cohen approached Uber past year and told them that "you need to hire me" because "I have the best relationship with the president on the outside". Cohen was being paid $50,000 a month.

Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Richard Blumenthal of CT, and Ron Wyden of OR sent a letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson asking questions about the $600,000 in payments the company made to Cohen previous year.

Were any laws broken by either Cohen or these corporations giving money to Cohen? Did they get inside access or was Cohen acting on his own?

In a letter to CEO Narasimhan, Wyden challenges the hiring of Cohen, pointing out that Cohen is not a lobbyist, and that Essential Consultants is not a healthcare policy consultancy; it is, according to its claims, a real estate consulting company. Unnamed sources later told CNBC that the amount could be closer to $600,000.

While Novartis was making these payments to Cohen's firm, the drug company was seeking, and ultimately received, approval for Kymriah from the US Food and Drug Administration, the senator noted.

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Last week, Stephenson sent a memo to employees apologizing for the mess calling the relationship with Cohen a "big mistake" that has put AT&T "in the headlines for all the wrong reasons".

In detailed questions, the three Democrats said they wanted more information from AT&T on its dealings with Essential Consultants. It also wants in-depth details of each payment, copies of contracts with any lobbyists, advisors or consultants that may relate to the Trump administration and healthcare. For what? CNN said AT&T divulged Cohen "approached" Quinn's Washington office of AT&T during the post election transition period for insights into the administration.

Mr. Cohen repeatedly pitched Uber, which said no, citing Mr. Cohen's ownership of NY taxi medallions as a potential conflict of interest with the ride-hailing firm, a person close to the company said.

"We begin tonight with the Trump White House", Oliver said, "the only home in America where the next occupant will have to ask, 'What's the best way to get cum stains out of Abe Lincoln's ghost?'"

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