Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Ex-CIA man named as suspect in Vault 7 leak

Ex-CIA man named as suspect in Vault 7 leak

With more than 8,000 CIA documents published to date, according to a defense attorney at the January hearing, the Vault 7 series came as a major embarrassment to U.S. intelligence officials.

That cache would eventually be disclosed as the "Vault 7" data dump. That includes the fact they he is believed to have used software called Tor, which allows users to communicate and transmit information over the Internet anonymously, and the fact he was planning a vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

The child pornography charges, according to the NYT, stem from material investigators found on a server Schulte created as a business in 2009 while he was a student at the University of Texas.

There's one problem, though: investigators haven't been able to collect enough evidence to file charges against Schulte despite having searched his apartment and confiscated his personal computer and notes.

However, Laroche says the investigation "is ongoing" with Schulte remaining "a target of that investigation".

He has plead not guilty to the charges.

Prior to joining the CIA, Schulte worked for the National Security Agency. He was in the CIA for the development of a computer code to the intelligence of foreign adversaries.

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Schulte said in the statement that he joined the intelligence community to fulfill what he saw as a patriotic duty to respond to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Assistant Federal Defender Sabrina Shroff commented Tuesday about 29-year-old Joshua Adam Schulte after a prosecutor revealed last week that the government hoped a grand jury would return charges in about 45 days.

The imprisoned software engineer told the outlet in a statement that he'd been blamed for the leaks because he'd reported "incompetent management and bureaucracy" at the Central Intelligence Agency to the inspector general. The documents themselves covered a period from 2013 to 2016, when Schulte had been employed at the agency.

He also said that because of 'unfortunate circumstances the Federal Bureau of Investigation ultimately made the snap judgement that (he) was guilty of the leaks and targeted (him)'.

Schulte, who has launched a Web page to raise money for his defense and post articles critical of the criminal-justice system, claims that he initially provided assistance to the FBI's investigation.

Clarification: An earlier version of this report quoted Laroche as saying that "those search warrants haven't yielded anything that is consistent with [Schulte's] involvement in that disclosure".

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