Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Ramadan 2018: Breaking down misconceptions around the holy month

Ramadan 2018: Breaking down misconceptions around the holy month

Water, water and more water during night-time hours - experts advise to drink as much water as possible during Iftaar (breaking of fast) and Suhur (pre-dawn meal) times, especially if hot weather is expected during the day.

Makkah Ali and Ikhlas Saleem, co-hosts of the Identity Politics podcast, use Ramadan as a time to control physical impulses, such a backbiting or anger, and renew their spirituality.

Fasting is not considered compulsory for many groups - including people who are unwell or have a long-term condition; people with learning difficulties; people who are travelling; and women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or menstruating.

He said: "May God bless our efforts in establishing a Muslim community of excellence and bestow upon us the strength to perform our fast with much faith and devotion".

Why do Muslims quick throughout Ramadan?

Lauran and Haseeb will be cooking a kosher meal for us, and together we will break the fast with new friends and conversation.

Ramadan can also be a month the place Muslims attempt to follow elevated self-discipline. "May the fruits of fasting, prayers and almsgiving among other good deeds during the blessed holy month of Ramadan enrich our lives and bring about peace and prosperity." said Imam Mustapha Elturk, AHRC Founding & Executive Board Member. All things being equal, we must engage in Ramadan to reform ourselves and society in order to build our nation. This is done at mosques and can last two/three hours every night. Several restaurants also keep their doors open till the wee hours in the morning, and offer lavish meals.

Goalkeeper Ederson commits future to champions Man City
Leicester City had a season of mythical proportions in 2015-16, one not even their most fanatic supporters believed they could replicate anytime soon.

OCC represents and advocates for ministry among 16 different denominations in the state, with more than 1,200 local congregations representing between 600,000 and 700,000 Oklahoma Christians, according to OCC figures from last October.

Shaker said he believes the presidential greetings have helped Americans know more about Ramadan and Muslim Americans.

Ramadan is a holy month that commemorates when the Quran was first revealed to the prophet Muhammad.

Devout Muslims also mark the month by intense worship, performing special nightly prayers and reading Islam's holy book, the Koran. It is the time to review life in a holistic way, a practice Muslims and non-Muslims alike can benefit from, and which isn't tied to any geographical location.

And at the end of the long, spiritual journey, Muslims celebrate with Eid al-Fitr.

What are the timings for Sehr and Iftar timings for May 15?

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