Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Rep. Mark Walker Weighs in on North Carolina's Teacher Issues

Rep. Mark Walker Weighs in on North Carolina's Teacher Issues

Brittney Dennis and Sabrina Peacock are two third-grade teachers at different stages of their careers. The percentage in Cumberland County is even lower, which means that teacher with five years experience earns a supplemental salary of $2,618. Working conditions like those in North Carolina explain why.

Sabrina Peacock: This is my 24th year of teaching in Guilford County Schools. House Speaker Tim Moore's office added that the estimated average teacher salary will be approximately $53,400 in 2019.

The North Carolina Association of Educators, which planned the event, is calling for per-student spending and teacher pay to be raised to at least the national average, and for lawmakers to restore funding for public schools to pre-recession levels.

Peacock: We were watching the teachers across the country that were doing the walk-outs.

"I will say, there will be a strong showing of educators, students and community members from Forsyth County", she said.

"I'm proud of the NCAE for taking a stand and organizing this day of advocacy".

So there's your North Carolina snapshot. There are many times that we voice our opinion, but we don't always advocate for ourselves like we should.

For the past, probably 6 to 7 years, education has seen cuts, cuts, cuts. Our legislators need to do more to ensure we have excellent schools.

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However, Laroche says the investigation "is ongoing" with Schulte remaining "a target of that investigation". The documents themselves covered a period from 2013 to 2016, when Schulte had been employed at the agency.

"We are aware of a few instances where teachers plan to attend, and they have shared their plans with their principal", Sawyer said.

Dennis: So I just wanted to know about teacher assistants, that's something that I've never experienced.

We have changed our policies to provide free and reduced-price lunches and transportation assistance. That was years ago, many, many years ago.

Senator Jeff Tarte from Cornelius says he will be meeting with several teachers who travel to Raleigh this week. Lawmakers are expected to return to Raleigh that day to tweak the current biennium budget and address other matters, one of which is likely to be teacher pay. There was mentor pay.

Dennis: Do you think that contributes to the teacher shortage in North Carolina? "Doesn't pay very much money".

"I would really challenge any lawmaker to argue the fact that at this point, after so many cuts over so many years, that they could really make any kind of claim that they're helping public education", she said.

As you can see on the following chart, North Carolina's total spending per-pupil, which includes both operational and capital costs, fell appreciably between the 1999-00 school year, the earliest with readily available federal data, and 14-15. "These specific public education priorities will give every student an opportunity to succeed and help recruit and retain educators as we face a critical shortage in our classrooms and school buildings".

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