Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Medicine | By Earnest Bishop

Texas Sues The Maker Of OxyContin Over The Opioid Epidemic

Texas Sues The Maker Of OxyContin Over The Opioid Epidemic

"My office is holding Purdue Pharma accountable for fueling the nation's opioid epidemic by deceptive marketing of its prescription opioid painkillers, including OxyContin.", Paxton said.

Nevada state Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt alleges in a civil complaint filed Tuesday, May 15, 2018, that Purdue Pharma minimized risks and overstated benefits of long-term use of narcotic opioids including OxyContin. Of the top 25 cities for opioid abuse, four are in Texas - Texarkana, Amarillo, Odessa and Longview.

"There's nothing like talking to a mom who's lost her son from an overdose", Paxton said. As the national death toll from opioid addiction rises, Texas is now suing a national drug manufacturer for aiding in the epidemic.

"We are disappointed that after months of good faith negotiations working toward a meaningful resolution to help the state of Tennessee address the opioid crisis, the attorney general has unilaterally made a decision to pursue a costly and protracted litigation process", he said.

The lawsuit brought applause from people urging the state to take action on the opioid crisis.

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He said the state is still investigating other pharmaceutical companies and distributors.

Shafer said the county didn't want to wait for the state's lawsuit because already Shelby County suffers too big a burden from opioid addiction. "Purdue targeted vulnerable patient populations, such as the elderly and veterans, while refusing to recognize the increased risk associated with opioid use in these patient populations". Slatery said three Tennesseans die each day from opioid-related overdoses.

According to the lawsuit, Purdue Pharma intentionally released messages to downplay the concerns of patients and prescribers regarding opioids.

Purdue, based in Stamford, Conn., issued a statement in which it denied the accusations and that its drugs were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and accounted for only 2 percent of all opioid prescriptions.

Nationally, individual cases across the country have been absorbed into one multi-district case under a federal judge in Ohio.

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