Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Sport | By Gary Shelton

US Open Champion Lucas Glover's Wife Arrested for Domestic Violence

US Open Champion Lucas Glover's Wife Arrested for Domestic Violence

Krista Glover, the 36-year-old wife of professional golfer Lucas Glover, was arrested at a rented house in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on Saturday, May 12, after she allegedly verbally and physically assaulted Lucas and his mother.

Lucas Glover shot a third-round 78 at last weekend's Players Championship, a result that didn't sit very well with his wife, Krista.

Lucas told police that "every time he plays poorly in a tournament, Krista begins yelling at him, stating he is a "loser" and a 'p--'".

The 2009 U.S. Open champion also told the police his wife had been drinking. However, Glover also wanted to apprise his father-in-law of "how she was treating" the golfer, and Glover described the insults his wife would hurl at him when he didn't play well, as well as how she would tell him "he needs to fire everyone" and "how he better win or her and the kids would leave him and he would never see his kids again".

Krista forcefully attempted to escape as she was escorted to the police vehicle, "screaming while forcefully kicking the rear driver's side door" and causing damage to the auto, according to the report.

"We are aware of the situation and Lucas informed us of his statement, which has since been posted to his Twitter account", the PGA Tour said in a statement.

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And since he had a bad day live on national television alongside the likes of Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose, she allegedly went off on him when he got home.

Krista, the report noted, had no visible injuries. The report also states Krista threatened the police. He chalked up the incident to an argument involving his wife and mother, and vowed that his wife would be exonerated.

The deputies wrote in their report she resisted them and refused to get into the back seat of a squad vehicle by trying 'to tense her body and blocking herself from sitting down in the auto'.

Krista Glover has been charged with the assault of her husband, PGA Tour golfer Lucas Glover. After the tournament, he said, she blew up on him in front of his mother and the couple's children. "Wait til I talk to the judge, you will be [expletive] fired over this".

Krista Glover was arrested Saturday night at a rental house and taken to St. Johns County Jail before being released on $2,500 bond Sunday.

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